Flooring in the Herringbone Style

What Is Flooring in the Herringbone Style?

A type of parquet flooring is herringbone flooring. Natural wood planks are laid out in an attractive pattern for parquet flooring. Most of the flooring styles are angular and dimensional, including squares, triangles, etc. The design can occasionally be bent. Wood flooring designs with herringbone patterns are common. Herringbone and chevron flooring designs appear very much alike at first sight. The distinction is in the overlapping zigzag designs. Chevron employs a recurring zigzag pattern, whereas herringbone employs a fragmented zigzag pattern. Do check out: herringbone flooring

Reasons to Choose Herringbone

 A hardwood floor with a herringbone design has several advantages. Herringbone-style hardwood flooring makes a room appear larger. They additionally provide any room with an atmosphere of grandeur or elegance. Although the initial prices are high, the pattern is classic and will remain in fashion. The flooring is, therefore, somewhat of a financial commitment. The flooring may be a selling element when upgrading. It is enduring and requires little upkeep, like most hardwood flooring. Additionally, manufactured wood, which tends to be less affordable than original wood, can be employed to construct a herringbone design.

Engineered Hardwood

Pre-finished manufactured hardwood is an excellent alternative for parquet flooring and is favoured by experts since it is simple and fast to set up. Even though there are plenty of tutorials on the internet that you can watch and gain knowledge from, we discourage people from doing homemade herringbone flooring projects. Manufactured herringbone flooring may flog on a current floor, while hardwood requires cementing. That said, it is an excellent choice to apply glue, considering the state and uniformity of the current floor. An additional benefit of manufactured wood herringbone is the automated high-sheen gloss that needs to be hardened using real wood.

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Most Effective Use

 See the parquet flooring? As a result, spaces featuring this type of flooring must be uncluttered and bare of furnishings. The objective is to convey a sense of openness and levity. The herringbone design gives the appearance that the room is larger. For confined spaces, this is quite helpful. Utilising the right size of furniture is the best technique to give the perception that a space is larger or more open. Ask the flooring professional to arrange a few prototypes if you plan to employ them. According to a widely held belief, big blocks seem more equitable in large spaces, whereas smaller blocks tend to create the illusion that rooms appear more spacy. Making the pattern evident is the key.


Selecting the proper colour for the slabs is equally crucial to selecting the perfect size for them. Choose a lighter colour if the flooring will be installed throughout a house and if the house has more tiny than large rooms. This will contribute to a feeling of transparency. The disadvantage of softer flooring is that scratches and scuffs are more obvious. If choosing a darker hue, a brighter background colour is required to provide contrast and make the floor pop out.