Video Wall in Singapore 4 Effective Ways To Enhance Your Video Wall Displays 

With the technology for the video wall and digital signage in Singapore progressing, many businesses saw this as an opportunity for marketing their brand. The popularity of digital walls has grown rapidly in our modern world. Fancy displays began popping up to entice potential consumers outside the establishment to visit the store.

When working with such technology, you want to provide the best visual that sends a message to any passerby and converts them to your customer. Engaging them to get into the purchase funnel is not a simple task. Knowing how to enhance your video wall displays matters.

1. Optimise viewing distance

Stunning displays from your video wall won’t come right out of the box. Every video wall in Singapore requires proper setup and configuration. You can’t just plug in any source file and expect them to work right off the bat. It is vital that the viewer experience a clear view of the text and image at a distance. Hence you should consider the viewing distance and the resolution. Understand that the smaller the viewing distance, the better the resolution will be.

2. Use motion graphics

What makes motion graphics such a great choice over static displays is how easy it is to grab more attention. Make your motion graphics simpler and minimalistic. It will make it easier for others to view and get the message instead of throwing all the eye candy while leaving the message behind the curtains. Avoid going too much into many details, and remove anything that is unnecessary since most have a short attention span.

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3. Keep the message shorter

Much like your motion designs and graphics, you need to keep your general message (especially the texts) short and sweet. Even when you’re opting for signage or a backdrop in Singapore, your message must be short and straight to the point. Understand that most people don’t want to think too much when viewing an advertisement, especially with LED screen content. Deliver the message straight in a clear manner. Avoid ‘dancing’ around the message as this wouldn’t get you anywhere.

4. Use good contrast

Another thing you should consider is avoiding your content looking washed out. As must as possible, it’s always about readability. Hence you need to utilise contrasting colours between the background and the foreground. Choose the right colour pairs with excellent matching contrast to enhance the display. Otherwise, it will make your viewers feel visually uncomfortable.

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