Storage Solutions for Industrial Homes

Storage Solutions for Industrial Homes

The industrial style is all about old-world charm mixed with sleek materials and clean lines. With any style that emphasizes simplicity, storage solutions may be difficult to incorporate. However, the industrial style affords many options for storage that are both practical and feel organic.


The foyer is the first impression guests receive of a home. Therefore, it should clearly represent the industrial style. Entryways also require storage solutions for coats, shoes and other regularly used items. In order to exhibit an industrial style, storage solutions should be fuss-free and functional. Vintage lockers can be used if there is no coat closet and can be painted to match any color scheme. Consider soft cool colors to match the style while adding warmth to the design. Metal bins Baytown TX are perfect for storing shoes, gloves and hats. Search for chunky metal hooks to hang on the wall for coats and purses or even to hang keys.

Dining Room

The dining room requires storage for dinnerwear and possibly bottles and other bar supplies. Look for large metal storage units for plates and bowls. These can be repurposed for the home by adding a countertop with an overhang. Antique trolley carts are a really cool way to display glasses and wine bottles. They are also very functional. Install shelves made of wood and iron for decorative items or to store cookbooks.

Living Room

In the living room, comfort is key. Blankets can be hung from an old ladder. Vintage hard case luggage has a warm, worn look and can be stacked for use as a table or used to store albums and other keepsakes. A lot of industrial homes take advantage of metal shelving as bookcases to display board games, books and pictures. A new trend also shows wheeled dollies as coffee tables with wire baskets used to keep remotes and magazines. Combined, these touches embody the industrial style while adding comfort and functionality to the room.

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