Know What Types of Boots Exist

If you are on the lookout for purchasing a pair of cowboy boots, then ascertain why you want the pair of boots. Is it for fashion or work?

If the intent is fashion and style, then go for a pair of stylish cowboy boots, and if you want a pair of boots for work, then opt for a pair of work boots.

Buying a pair of cowboy boots is a different affair than buying a pair of work boots as there are many varieties, depending on the brand and leather.

Whether you want to buy a pair of work or cowboy boots, it will help develop a broad overview of the different types of boots in the market. Here are the boot types:

Classic Western

The classic western boot bears a shaft that is usually 12 inches in length. And the overall design of the boot is simple and straightforward.


As you can figure out from the name itself, the shortie boot is shorter than the classic western boot. The shaft in a shortie is around 6 to 10 inches in height on average. These boots are lighter and a bit less expensive.

Western Workboot

These boots are durable, functional, and comfortable, and suitable for men who are on their feet most of the time during the day. The main feature of the boots is their heels that are placed at the bottom of the boots.


You can regard the roper boots as the early version of the western work boot. The roper boot is more practical than cowboy boots and is useful.

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Ropers are more practical than cowboy boots and are suitable for working men. These boots are functional as they are light-weight and with wide soles. The boots also come with a more comfortable rubber sole, making you easily jump in the saddle.


You can consider these boots for show purposes. These boots bear shafts usually more than 14 inches, higher than that of the classic western boots. And the design and stitching are often more prominent to draw attention. It is precisely the reason why these boots are a favorite of artists and showmen.


These boots are popular in both English and Western riding circles. The riding boots are without the decoration you see on a cowboy boot, but they come with similar features, such as identical heel length and shaft height.


The Stockman boot comes with hybrid features and is suitable for people who do not ride a horse. These boots bear similarities with work boots in terms of – rubber sole, shorter heel, and wider toe box. But, these boots resemble the classic western boots with their colored stitching.

Now, you know about the different boot types. But, what you are yet to know is the difference between a cowboy and work boots. The infographic in this post will help you to understand the difference.