I Switched Portable Power Bank Brand…And I Think You Should, Too

A portable charger in Singapore benefits an individual like me who often travels for work. Due to my job’s nature, I do not always have access to a wall socket or electrical outlet to charge my devices. I also have to use my laptop and phone to fulfil my work duties, so I need them at full charge whenever I am on the field.

But recently, I realised I needed to buy a new portable power bank since my old one no longer suits my needs. I also thought about shopping at a different store and trying out a new power bank brand, and here’s how it went.

Why I Thought I Deserved To Get A New Power Bank

I have been using power banks for a few years now. Now and then, I often find myself wanting a new one since my last portable charger seems to lose its functionality over time. I may not be a tech expert, but I know that the batteries inside these devices, like almost every battery-using gadget, can degrade after a couple of years. However, I do not think that power banks can become nonfunctional after a year of use.

I always stuck to one brand due to its affordability and the number of reviews it got from its customers. But after a few years of using their portable charger, I concluded they do not sell the best power bank in Singapore. Despite having economical prices, their products, at least the ones I bought from them, are not durable. Their portable chargers no longer fill my devices’ batteries after more or less than a year, which has affected my productivity and efficiency as a worker who is always on the go.

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How Shopping At Energea Introduced Me To Better Power Banks

While looking for a replacement portable power bank, I stumbled across Energea and its plethora of electronic devices and accessories. I was hesitant to purchase anything from their store since I did not find product reviews on their site. But after a few minutes of scouring the internet for Energea customer testimonials, I urged myself to try buying a fast charging power bank from them. I found enough reviews on various platforms to convince myself to invest in an Energea product.

Initially, I did not plan on writing a review for Energea’s portable charger since creating testimonials is not my thing. However, their power bank impressed me so much that I want to share my experience with others, especially with my fellow field workers.

Energea’s power banks are unlike other chargers in the market. They have different features and can accommodate various needs. The one I got was simply the best power bank in Singapore since its charge can last me a whole work week. It can even sanitise my earphones, laptop, and phone—which is quite handy now that we are still living with the coronavirus. I have only been using Energea’s power bank for a few months, but I have not yet noticed a drop in its functionality.

If you are looking for a portable charger in Singapore that is worth every cent you pay, I highly recommend Energea and its collection of high-quality power banks. You can head to their website below to learn more about their products.