Five Signs It’s Time To Start Your Own Business

Some fundamental basics in life that most human beings have to adhere to, is earning money. There are two ways in which most people on this planet earn a living and they are by getting a job, or by starting a business. Most people feel that taking employment or getting a job is the less risky option in comparison to starting a business. However, even though starting your own business can be a much more rewarding concept in the long run. Starting your own business can give people independence, flexibility, personal fulfillment, and of course power and money. The following are signs that you are ready to start your own business:

A Good Idea, Product and Plan:

A simple definition of any business is that a business makes either product or provides services to customers who buy their products and services. The first sign that people are ready to start a business is that they have a value proposition or product or idea of the product or service that can work in the marketplace. A solid business plan to back the idea is a sign that you are ready to start your own business.

Financial Backing and Support:

With a solid business plan in place, the next sign is financial support. If there is financial support available for the business or you have the initial capital required starting the business, it is a sign that time is right to enter into the business. Solid business plans that get backing in terms of loans from financial institutions are generally considered as relatively safe bets as new businesses. Sometimes people have some extra money stashed aside and also have a regular income. It is a sign that one should try venturing into business, especially when there is money to invest in such a business.

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Experience in the Industry:

“What you learn and experience can often determine your success or failure in life”, says Jeff Haby Meteorologist.  Most sectors of the economy are unique and it takes years of experience within a particular industry to know how the system works and what it takes to be successful in the industry. Before opting for entrepreneurship within a sector, if you have experience working in the industry, it is a sign that you can start your own business in the industry.

The most successful leaders like Eric Inspektor and other global executives understand that success is something that is cultivated over time. Eric Inspektor, co-founder at CORFinancial Corp., a Toronto-based boutique merchant bank that aims at providing structured guidance on asset-based financing to small and medium-sized businesses in need of growth capital.

Passionate About Career Change:

Businesses are very different from jobs when it comes to personal involvement in the occupation. One of the most important signs of being ready for business is the passion and interest the business owner has for the business. If you are passionate about a product or service and truly believe in the idea, it is a sign to start your own business.

Ability to Setup the Business:

Sometimes people have jobs they are not passionate about but these jobs are easier to do and they pay the bills. Not every passionate person can set up a business. Before starting a business, people must ask themselves whether they can start the business. This includes analyzing the know-how, physical ability, mental ability, managerial skills, and financial acumen needed to start a business. If the ability is there, then that is a sign that one should start one’s business.


Entering the business world is challenging yet fulfilling enterprise in the long run and the above are some of the signs that you are ready to start a business.