Finding the Best Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore Based on Your Facial Features

A lips tattoo, along with a lash lift and tint are among the most popular facial enhancement today. They offer a 24/7 effortless makeup look that will let you throw those cosmetics into the bin. With lash lift and tint, there will be no more long hours in front of the mirror to apply or remove falsies and mascara. Meanwhile, a lips tattoo will cover up dull or discoloured lips. Beyond these two aesthetic treatments is another facial enhancement treatment that is a must-try, eyebrow embroidery. This treatment involves using ink cosmetics to draw eyebrow strands and reshape your eyebrows. While it can be the same as a lips tattoo in Singapore, eyebrow embroidery has various styles depending on your facial features and desired look. Today, we will share tips to get the best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore based on your facial features.

What Types of Eyebrow Embroidery Are Available in Singapore?

There are various types of eyebrow embroidery available in Singapore. The availability may vary from one aesthetic clinic to another. They may also come in various names but below are the standard:

Misty Eyebrow Embroidery
Misty eyebrow embroidery is sometimes called gradient embroidery, this technique distributes the ink in such a way that it forms a fading thickness from end to end. It is often used to highlight eye colour.
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Microblading eyebrow embroidery involves the use of a fine needle attached to a pen-shaped tool. It inserts ink into the superficial surface of the skin to create a realistic hair drawing.

6D Eyebrow Embroidery

This is one of the most popular eyebrow embroidery techniques today. It utilises narrow strokes delicately drawn to produce realistic and sophisticated eyebrow tattoos. The 6D eyebrow embroidery price is often high due to it being in demand.

Which Eyebrow Embroidery Style is Best for Your Face Shape?
The type of eyebrow embroidery that will work best for you highly depends on your face shape. While your desired looks also matter, you must pay better attention to the suitability of your facial features. Here’s the best eyebrow embroidery for you if you have…

Round-Shaped Face

High-arched eyebrow embroidery is best for round faces. This eyebrow shape will make your face look slimmer as the tips of the eyebrow will be seen in front view, creating a thinner silhouette.

Oval-Shaped Face

Soft-angled brows with slight arc produced through 6D eyebrow embroidery will look good for people with oval or long face shapes.

Heart-Shaped Face

People with heart-shaped faces have a very angular jawline that needs to be softened with circular eyebrows. As for the arc, a low angle will look better to create an illusion of a smaller face.

Square-Shaped Face

A square jaw is often associated with a solid facial aura. Thus, you would want to get thicker and bolder eyebrow embroidery to compliment your face shape.


Are you interested in trying out eyebrow embroidery in Singapore? Say goodbye to the long hours of perfecting your eyebrow makeup. You will get the perfect brows for your face shape when you consult an aesthetic doctor today.
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