Environmental Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling can have many environmental benefits, especially when you recycle scrap metal. Some materials and items are harder to recycle than others, but the versatility of metal makes it one of the easiest to recover from one use and reshape for a new one. Many local metal recycling oakland ca will even purchase your scrap metal and pick it up from you to be processed on-site or shipped around the world.

Reduced Harm from Mining

Even with current improvements to mining technologies, digging raw metals out of the earth has a detrimental impact on the environment including acid mine drainage and tailings. Metals are needed for everything from harvesting food to building homes, however, so the demand for new or recycled material is high. Because of the unique properties of this material, scrap metal recycling schaumburg il companies can often clean and melt it into workable shapes time and again. Other materials, such as plastics, can be degraded through use as well as through recycling, which limits what can be made from recovered items and how many times it can be reused.

Resource Conservation

It takes more energy to refine metal ore than it does to recycle the same amount of scrap and ore refinement leaves more waste in terms of tailings and the resources used in mining. Recycling some metals, such as aluminum and copper, saves ninety percent or more energy over processing virgin ore. Recycling these metals can also conserve the water, fuel and stone used to mine, refine and transport new materials.

Some of the environmental benefits to recycling scrap metal include reducing the impact of and demand for mined virgin ore and conserving resources such as water and energy. Many metals are cheaper and easier to recycle than mine and can be reshaped multiple times for a variety of uses.