Best Virtual Team Building Activities

Getting your team together for a virtual team building exercise is a great way to build team spirit and strengthen the bonds among team members. Whether you’re a new team or an established group, team activities can help to create a positive working environment by encouraging employees to open up and talk with each other. Using games, activities, and quizzes can also make the experience fun and entertaining for everyone.

One of the best ways to break the ice is with trivia. If you have a conference call, add a few trivia questions to the conversation. You can also try a few online games like Shark Tank. In either case, the key is to ask the team to be creative.

Whose Office Is It Anyway

This is another fun icebreaker. To play, participants take a photo of their office and upload it to a shared file. Then, the “question master” creates a list of questions to answer. Each team member has a set amount of time to give an answer.

Pancakes vs Waffles

Playing Pancakes vs Waffles is another fun virtual team building Milano activity. This is a simple discussion game that can be played with multiple opponents. Participants are given a series of values to choose from and must answer the question. A few ideas include a love of Shakespeare, a dislike for spicy Cheetos, and an interest in the ocean.

War of the Wizards

This is another great activity for team building and role-playing. In this virtual team building activity, the players are wizards who have been at war for ages. As the wizards’ minions, the team works to cast spells. They can even become the heroes themselves!

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Who da baby?

This is a cute virtual team building activity that can be played over email or Slack. This is a fun activity to play on a video conference call. However, it can also be played in a virtual room. Ideally, you’ll need to have a few different types of identities in the group, including an object, a concept, and a person. Depending on the size of the group, you can also have more than one ‘baby.’

Heads Up

The purpose of Heads Up is to get people talking. Players guess answers to various questions to build a score. For example, if the group loves Macbeth, the “question master” can ask a teammate to describe a scene from the play.


There are many other games that can be played on a conference call. For example, the game Flight of the Navigator is available on Disney and Amazon. Another fun game is the movie, Flight of the Navigator. Alternatively, you can find a version of the game on Zoom.

Having a variety of virtual team building activities is a great way to promote creativity and get your team involved in the team building process. Virtual team building exercises can be played in a breakout room or over the phone, but it’s important to pick a theme that matches your company’s culture and goals.