5 Most Common Types of Wood Used for Hardwood Floors

Flooring comes in a variety of materials. One of these materials is hardwood. Hardwood floors can accentuate a wide spectrum of styles from elegant, sophisticated decor to cozy, rugged decor. They come in a variety of types and can be made from many different kinds of wood, each with its own unique properties, texture and color. Here are the five types of wood used most commonly in hardwood flooring, which can be installed by flooring companies like Denver Hardwood.

  1. Maple Wood

Maple wood is popular, especially for contemporary spaces. It possesses a subtle grain and light finish that looks wonderful in light, open spaces. Maple wood also has sufficient hardness without being too hard. Hardness is desired in wood because it imparts durability, but a wood that is too hard is more difficult to work with.

  1. Oak Wood

Though not the hardest wood, oak wood is the most common wood found in hardwood floors. Red and white oak wood are the most popular types of oak for hardwood flooring. It is one of he most affordable wood species, and it is durable with medium hardness. It is not as hard as maple, but it is more stable.

  1. Hickory Wood

Hickory wood is also popular due to its hardness and durability. Though it has a tendency to swell, hickory wood looks good in rustic spaces and takes different colors of stain well.

  1. Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is known and valued for its beautiful deep red hue. Cherry wood begins as a pale pink and naturally darkens to a gorgeous red over a period of time. It possesses a smooth, elegant texture and is low maintenance. It is also durable if a little soft.

  1. Walnut Wood
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The fine-grained walnut wood is a favorite for both hardwood floors and instruments like violins. It is, like the other wood species mentioned here, a hard and durable wood, but softer than oak wood. Walnut wood has a deep, dark hue and is generally found in more expensive homes. Most people choose black walnut, but white walnut and Brazilian walnut are also options people use for floors. Brazilian walnut is a pricier, more exotic option.

These are the top five wood types used for hardwood flooring. There are, of course, many more types of wood that can be used for flooring, but these are the most popular. Once you pick your wood type, there are even more options for how the wood is used. However, that is a topic for another time. So if you are ever in the market for a hardwood floor consider using one of these five types of wood.