5 Mistakes to Avoid Making when Designing Company Printed T Shirts

Companies printing branded shirts are nothing new. It is a great way to market a brand without paying for billboards. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when designing a corporate shirt for commercial printing.

#1 Going for Low-Quality

People will associate your brand with the quality of the t shirt and impact your business. Select a good quality textile that fits comfortably aside from considering the print quality.

#2 Avoid Boring Designs

Introduce your company with entertaining printed t shirts to attract more clients. It can be a conversation starter that can lead customers to you. However, it does not apply to businesses that require a level of mandatory seriousness.

#3 Never Leave Room for Misinterpretation

Misinterpreted messages on shirts happen more often than you think. Ensure that the print on your t shirts is clear and direct. People will only get a few seconds at best to read what is on your t shirt. Never leave room for misinterpretation since it can hurt your brand.

#4 Being Provocative is Not the Answer

Many t shirt designers take it as an opportunity to be provocative and make something funny. However, it is best to be cautious than garner negative publicity. Nevertheless, go ahead if your company believes that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

#5 Your Logo Should be the Focal Point

Most people will tell you to make your logo bigger. However, also consider the overall balance of your company printed shirts. Ensure that your logo is noticeable at a glance. Sometimes, it is okay to put brand legibility over aesthetics.

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