4 Mistakes To Avoid For Wine Storage

Need to store wine? Then there are some specific guidelines that you can follow for storing wines and others related to Wine storage temperature (อุณหภูมิ เก็บ ไวน์; which is the term in Thai). In case you run out of space for wine storage, then the wine storage company could help you. There are specific wine storage temperatures and other rules that protect your wine for a long time.

1. Wine Needs To Be Stored In A Dark And Cool Area

This is the common mistake that many people make when storing wine in a dark and cool area. While many kinds of wines need to be held in such conditions, the others don’t need these criteria to be stored. Apart from that, many different types of wine may adversely affect the colour of wine and its taste. However, you can keep two categories of wine in a dark and cool place, which are red wines and dessert wines. Red wines are made of darker-coloured grapes with more tannin content than white wine.

2. Not Considering Humidity Level When Storing Wine

Wine needs proper storage options. Otherwise, it will spoil. So, consider the humidity level when storing wine at home. For example, too dry air may cause the wine to lose its authentic flavour.  On the other hand, in too humid conditions, the wine can get spoiled. So, store it between 50 and 70% to keep it in ideal condition. If you live in a 50% less humidity level, use a humidifier that adds moisture to the air. In case the humidity is above 70%, you should opt for using a dehumidifier.

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3. Wine Storing Near To Stove Can Spoil It

Sometimes, people opt to store wine on the kitchen counter for having a small kitchen. But it would help if you did not do this as this is the worst thing you do with your wine. When cooking in your kitchen, the wine can also be cooked along with it. Apart from that, if the temperature rises over 78°F, you will have a different flavour for the wine. Apart from the stove, you should not store wine near the window as direct sunlight can affect its quality.

4. Don’t Have Enough Wine Storage Space? Don’t Worry!

If you have less wine storage space at home, don’t worry about space and ideal Wine storage temperature. You can take rent for adequately storing the wines. If you have enough space at home, you can keep it by following the guidelines above.