Your Handy Step-By-Step Guide To Maintaining A Fire Rated Door

One fire rated door can save hundreds of lives. It has been one of the crucial factors in the success of passive ways and systems of fire protection, serving as a barrier between different areas of a particular building. It limits the entry of smoke and fire in fire accidents, helping protect people, lives, and property.

A fire-rated unit for your HDB main door can help fulfil all standards with security, component, and material. One wrong installation and improper maintenance can cause serious negative consequences. Check out this step-by-step guide to help you keep your HDB fire rated door well-maintained!


Starting with this step-by-step guide, one way to maintain your HDB fire rated door is through visual inspection. Performing it can help you look for anything strange and out of place that can cause hazards, especially during your fire rated door operation or drop testing. To help you with the things to look for, check the following:

– The door, its hinges, frame, and hardware,

– If the edge seals and gaskets are intact,

– No loose assembly bolts and mounting,

– If the door clearances have exceeded the recommended undercut,

– Damage or missing components,

– If the fusible links remain uncoated with grease or dust,

– Proper functioning of the smoke detectors,

– Anything attached to the door frame, and

– If the vision light frames and glazing beads are intact and securely fastened.

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Once the visual inspection is through, your HDB fire rated door goes through an operational check. This process can help ensure all door components work perfectly fine. Doing so can help assure that the hardware operates in securing the door, if the door completely closes from a wide-open position, and if there are potential issues that may occur.


If the HDB fire rated door passes the operational test, you can proceed with a drop test. The test can assess if your doors can completely close in an emergency. The average closing duration should be at least six inches per second and must not exceed the period of 24 inches per second.


Like your modern HDB gate design, you want to keep your fire doors in their best condition. The last step is resetting your HDB fire rated door according to the manual. Open and close the door as you usually do, drop test, and reset it again to ensure proper operation.

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