Wunderdog Telling The Story Of Rescue Dogs And Their Humans

Every dog parent loves spending time with their furry pet. Something else that they love is to flip through the pages of a dog magazine and read about them. Thankfully, there are plenty of dog magazines to check out.

Speaking of which, one of the best UK dog magazines is Wunderdog. If you are an avid dog magazine reader, there’s a chance you already know about this magazine.

Wunderdog is an independent magazine that tells the story of rescue dogs and their humans. It is something that every dog lover would want to read.

About Wunderdog

Wunderdog tell stories of rescue dogs and their people. It features many rescue stories that will inspire you to get involved, especially if you have a rescue at home.

Wunderdog is an independent magazine that publishes new prints twice a year. They also have an online website where they post additional stories every month.

Each issue of the magazine allows you to explore the good life of rescue dogs. Apart from that, you are also exposed to dog-centric designs and art, dog-friendly travel ideas, dog care, and much more.

Wunderdog magazines use FSC-certified paper for printing. Each issue of the magazine is packed with stunning pictures and several rescue stories. It shows the amount of love they have put into the publication of these magazines.

Wunderdog has something for every dog lover. It brings you rescue stories from all corners of the world. For those curious to know Wunderdog offers a yearly subscription of just 22 pounds. You can also purchase a single issue for 12 pounds. By purchasing these magazines, you are contributing to their cause as 10% of the cover price is donated to different dog charities.

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Wunderdog believes that the stories of every rescue dog should be heard, which is being fulfilled through their rescue dog magazine. No wonder, they print every issue with the greatest care.

Rescue Stories

The Wunderdog website has a separate section for rescue stories. This is where you can read all the rescue stories issued by the magazine. We have highlighted some of the top stories that you must read.

  • Animal rescue amidst a war: Nick Tadd of K9 Rescue International

One of the featured dog rescue stories is of Nick Tadd who has been working in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He is a member of K9 Rescue International and has worked hard to rescue the lives of hundreds of innocent animals stuck in Ukraine.

  • Rescues Nicky and Louis save their human

This is a beautiful story of two rescue dogs Nicky and Louis, who helped their rescuer. The dogs knew exactly what their human needed.

Michaela Field, owner of Nicky and Louis is a patient with complex PTSD. She also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and other health issues. Louis knew when his human is in pain and which medication he should direct to her. What makes this story more special is that Louis is not a trained dog.

Traveling With Dogs

Apart from rescue stories, you can also learn about traveling with dogs. In the travel section, you will find many dog stories and blogs about traveling with pets.

New dog owners who often struggle to travel with their dogs may find this section helpful.


Dog Training

Dog training is an important aspect of owning a dog. It doesn’t matter what breed it is, every dog needs some amount of training to be social and disciplined around people.

In this section, you will get to learn important things about dog training. From introducing your dog to new dogs to taking them on walks, there are plenty of different topics to read.

Final Words

Wunderdog is one of the best dog magazines you will ever read. The good thing about this dog magazine is that it can be accessed both online and offline. By purchasing their subscription plan, you can contribute to the well-being of several dogs that are in need.