Ceramic subway tiles have gained much popularity over time among householders who are using them widely for decorating the interior and exteriors of their houses. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to ceramic tiles. They are classy and have a vintage touch.

Thus in this article, we decided to provide you a detailed insight into why it is best to opt for ceramic subway tiles over any other variants. So continue to read to know more.

What are ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles have a peculiar texture and shine that makes them stand out when compared to other variants. A ceramic subway tile comes in a rectangular shape. Its length tends to be twice its height and occurs in 4 by 8 inches and planks and sometimes 2 by 8 as per contemporary strips.

Limitless choice of colors

One of the reasons why ceramic subway tiles have been a popular stop for all householders and designers is its exquisite color range. You get to choose from a plethora of colors including red, yellow, blue, green and the list goes on. Besides with such color gradients you can easily play with your décor to create something unique and marvelous.

Varied options for shapes

While a traditional ceramic subway tile is usually square-edged, there are other options too to choose from. There are tiles with rounded edges also known as shoulders wherein the sides are a little soft compared to square edges. On the other hand, tiles with beveled edges have a unique slide slop that renders each tile the quality of sculpture.

Different finishes

Yet another advantage in addition to limitless color variations and shapes is the finishes. There are those which include hand-applied glaze with subtle variation. This gives the wall an animate finish. Moreover, some finishes completely change the mood of the setting. It is done by varying the temperature of the kiln to create a stone and natural finish. Besides, it doesn’t have any luster that makes it look like a vintage collection.

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With a plethora of choices that can make your house look splendidly marvelous, it is ideal to opt for ceramic subway tiles that have a hard shelf life that can go up to decades. Because every minute detailing added to your interiors will create a unique aura.