Which country is best to study a bachelor’s in business, in the UK, US, or Australia?


Choosing to study abroad is an important step in the journey of a student. However, once you have decided to leave your homeland, the next decision is just as important – where to pursue further studies?

To decide, a variety of factors need to be considered. From the quality of student life, to the cost of living and even factors such as work prospects after graduating. Some of the finest places to complete an overseas education are the UK, USA and Australia and TheWorldGrad will help you to understand which country to choose for your future studies!

But how to choose the country for your studies?

From the aforementioned countries, Australia is perhaps known as the most exciting destination for students. A developed economy with globally revered institutes, Australia offers a wide variety of courses for students as well as has a charter of rights that protects foreign students when studying there. Australia is currently home to over 700,000 students from all over the world and is ranked the second best country to live in as per surveys conducted by the United Nations.

Australia also has 6 of the top 100 universities in the world and its visa system allows international students to work while they are studying. This allows students to alleviate some of their costs when living Down Under.

Next up, we have the United Kingdom – known for its unique approach to teaching and some of the finest universities the world has to offer. The UK gives every student the freedom to tailor their education and has the world class faculty to back it up as well! Student life is also great in the UK, making it an even more attractive proposition.

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The UK is home to over 6,00,000 international students, with over 300 languages spoken in London alone – making it a hotbed of diversity and inclusivity. New regulations applying to students make finding a job easier as well.

Finally, we have the USA – home to the top universities in the world and over 10,00,000 students from all over the globe. The education system in the USA places an onus on flexibility and students do not need to declare their major until the end of Year 2. Indian students migrating to America also tend to be very successful after getting a degree in the USA.

America is also home to 33 of the top 100 universities in the world, making it the pinnacle of academic excellence. Cultural diversity is plentiful as students from all over the world form the classrooms at universities, making the USA a great destination for Indian students.

What about the costs of studying overseas? 

Living overseas comes with a long list of expenses – from accommodation and food to tuition fees. Here’s a quick run through some of the costs across the various countries.

America: The University you enrol in will dictate your tuition fees but these are usually between US$33,500 to US$40,000 per year. Depending on the city you live in and your spending habits, the cost of living will be between US$1000 to US$1600 per month as well. If you complete a 1 year online from home course with TheWorldGrad, you can save up to US$33,500 to US$47,000 in tuition fees and about US$ 13,500 in living costs. We also offer scholarships up to US$60,000 on overseas tuition fees in partnership with select universities.

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The United Kingdom: Tuition fees in the UK vary between GBP12,000 to GBP32,000 on an annual basis and the cost of living varies between GBP1000 to GBP1200 per month, depending on the city you live in. If you study with TheWorldGrad, the 1 year online from home course allows you to save GBP5000 to GBP12,000 in tuition fees and roughly GBP7000 in living costs.

Australia: As a student down under, college tuition fees can fluctuate between AUD29,600 and AUD40,700 per annum. Your living costs will come to roughly AUD1400 to AUD2135 per month, depending on your city and accommodation costs. If you complete a 1 year online course from home with TheWorldGrad, you can save up to AUD9250 to AUD18500 in tuitions fees and AUD9250 in living costs. At select partner institutes, we also offer scholarships up to 30% on overseas tuition fees.

What’s the best destination for business studies?

Business studies have gained popularity as a new generation of family members become of age to take over businesses or ambitious young men and women aim to become entrepreneurs. To get real-world exposure and an understanding of global markets, studying abroad is a rite of passage for most.

If you are looking at business studies, here’s how the aforementioned countries rank:

Australia: With 12 business schools ranked by the QS Global MBA Rankings in 2018, Australia is one of the top destinations for business studies in the world. With namessuch as the Melbourne Business School, University of Western Australia’s Business School (Perth) and many more.

United Kingdom: As per the Financial Times Top European Business School Rankings for 2018, 22 of the top 95 business schools in Europe are based in the United Kingdom. These include the London Business School, Henley Business School, Cass Business School and many more.

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United States: The world’s leading destination for business studies – America boasts of Ivy League schools. These schools, such as The Wharton School, Yale School of Management and more are known for world-class education and faculty.

(Source: https://www.business.com/articles/best-countries-for-business-education/)


All over the world, business studies are practiced differently. Hence, it is important to do your research and decide what suits your requirements the best. With the help of TheWorldGrad, you can study a bachelors in business and take your first step towards a successful career today!