What You Need To Know About Slide Bearing

LM slide bearing (ลูกปืนสไลด์ LM, which is the term in Thai) includes structural pads, PTFE sliding surface, and slide bearing plates. Slide bearing, also known as plain or bearings, is a range of mechanical parts that reduce friction from rotating or sliding surfaces. The manufacturer can use them in construction (development supports for bridges) and with highly accurate tooling. The bearing surface generally supports the shaft, with oil and air in between to enable sliding motion. Sliding bearings are portable, have a long working life, and produce little noise or vibration.

Slide bearings are appropriate when the motions are slow and the concentration is high; moreover, different kinds are suitable for other weights and speeds. Slide bearings range from the ball and roller bearings because they use them to overcome friction. However, the primary objective is similar in all cases. Slider bearings offer various benefits; we have listed some advantages of LM slide bearing in this article. 


Slide bearing is very flexible; it can be customized for specific circumstances, in different sizes, materials, operating temperatures, and installation methods.


Slide bearing can be very long-lasting because of its material. It has a durable factor and avoids all types of wear and tear. Therefore it also proved very cost-effective compared to other bearings such as slotted or bolted steel joints. 

Movement Parameters

Slide bearing offers almost zero friction, saving from any types of resistance and strain caused by the machine. It is specifically designed to accommodate movement. 

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Minimizes Construction Costs

Big infrastructures such as bridges, supermarkets, significant buildings, and lifts can be very cost-effective because they offer more friction and prevent damage. They also don’t require any maintenance.

Loading Capacity Is High

Slide bearing has a high loading capacity. However, it depends upon the size and type of machine installed. 

Corrosion Resistance

Since slide bearings are made of stainless steel, they are corrosion-free and don’t get rusty even after prolonged usage. Therefore they offer extended life to the machines. 

Shock Resistance

Slide bearings are designed to prevent different types of shocks and absorb highly high forces and edgy loads.


LM slide bearing can be very beneficial for massive infrastructure if appropriately used. For different types of machines, other slide bearings are installed.