What to Look for In a Drop Shipping Company

Before diving into the search for the best dropshipping websites, it is best to take the time to make a list of the criteria for searching for sites that are considered good drop shipping companies. This ensures that if you hear about a good free dropshipping platform, you will be able to check to ensure that this company is genuinely among one of the best free dropshipping websites working in this market. 


The criteria of a good drop shipper should include the following:

  • Authenticity – free drop shipping sites that are “real”.
  • Products – this is very much a “personal” decision.
  • Information on warehouse locations as well as shipping.
  • Docking with various sales channels – the drop shipper’s site has products no matter what sales platform is used.
  • Membership system – should not be any regular fees to pay to the drop shipping company.
  • Privacy and policies – policies that enable you to run your business with very few problems.

Best free drop shipping sites

There are many free dropshipping sites available and these include:

  • GoTen – includes many of the best free drop shipping websites.
  • Thomasnet – a platform that puts you in touch with suppliers around the world.
  • AliExpress – free drop shipping platforms that are the longest-living one.
  • Worldwide Brands – Florida-based company that lists brands from all over the world. 

Next step

The next step is how to start dropshipping for free. This could not be easier especially with Amazon. After making the decision of products that you would like to sell – cleaning products, furniture, etc., and which drop shipper to use, you can then list these products on an Amazon page representing your company. When sales are made, send this information to the drop shipper who will ship the products to the buyer in your company’s name. That is about it – you are now an online vendor with Amazon and it could not be easier. But remember to ensure there is no membership fee with the drop shipper you are working with.