What is YouTube affiliate marketing?

You might have heard many people saying this, “It is important to work on a side hustle, as you never know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Do you agree?

By diversifying your income, you could make sure you get extra money for your personal and professional expenses.

With right strategies, just within a few months, by putting out quality videos you would be able to achieve financial abundance.

If you know people who are more likely to buy products you recommend, you can build an email list of those prospects, and then send them email each time you upload a video on your YouTube channel. Here is a way to find email addresses for free using an email address finder.

Email address finder – How does it work?

You could use an email address finder such as GetEmail.io to find email addresses for free. This tool finds email ids using artificial intelligence and a big data algorithm.

As you continue reading, we will learn about the YouTube affiliate marketing.

YouTube affiliate marketing

When you recommend or review a product on your YouTube channel and earn a commission when someone purchases the product, it is called as YouTube affiliate marketing.

Informally, you can say it a cool way to earn money by recommending the products or service you like, and use related to your niche.

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Now let us see how it works.

How it works?

You need to sign up for an affiliate program.

Amazon associates is one of the popular ones available in many countries. So, you can go with it as a beginner.

After signing up, you will create a trackable link for any product you wish to talk about in your channel.

Then you can put the link in your YouTube video description.

If your video viewers or channel subscribers click on those links and make a purchase, then amazon will be able to track this conversion using the trackable link, and ultimately you will get commission.

For affiliate marketing, you do not necessarily have to do with YouTube channel, you can do this using your blog page, podcast, etc.

Strategies for making more money using affiliate marketing

Give importance to timing

When holidays are in just a few months, you get a big opportunity for strategically timing some videos for your business beforehand, because online shopping booms during holidays.

During the holiday season, sometimes it is ten times more than what people would purchase in the any normal day.

So, make sure you are not missing on this massive opportunity.

It is not just the video idea itself; the timing also matters. Therefore, you need to mark out the timing of when you should put out the strategic videos.

Tent poles

By using the Google trends tool (it’s a free tool), you can type in any upcoming event or occasion and see what’s trending around it.

That’s cool right?

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You will see a little spike in the graph, that’s called the tent pole. Tent pole events are crucial for YouTube creators and online marketers. For example, Halloween, black Friday, decor ideas for home, etc., are all tent pole events.

Position of your video/content

It’s important to maximize the positioning of your video, so that you are shown in the result at the right time when people are searching for relevant queries.

An ideal tip for ranking higher would be to schedule your planning and creation of your videos.

Higher tickets get higher commissions

When you manage to sell a high-ticket product, you will get more commission. Hence you may go for it. Find out the high-ticket products around your niche and talk about it on your next video.

Concluding thoughts

Affiliate marketing is just one of the ways to make money through YouTube, there are several other ways too.

When you do affiliate marketing the right manner, it is never weird, salesy, or pushy.

All you are doing is, helping people find good stuffs. And when you do this around your niche, you can grow the audience base faster.