Web design trends

Web design trends are constantly changing.  All the technical possibilities seem endless and we’re seeing designers play with extremes, reinvent previous styles, and ceaselessly experiment with new techniques. At the same time, some mainstream styles just won’t go away. For example minimalism and colorful flat illustrations, we’ve been seeing for some time now. They don`t seem to get out of fashion soon not only because of mainstream fashion trends but also because its technical characteristics meet the main requirements of successful user experience.

So, what will the web design trends of the nearest future be like?

Dark Mode

Dark has always been popular and fashionable. Right now dark mode is also preferred from preserving eyecare health and the life of batteries of your devices. More and more popular apps and websites offer their users a choice between dark and bright modes.

Sometimes the most visually stunning web design trends have practical beginnings. Dark themes are better for OLED screens—saving power and extending screen lifespans—but that utility doesn’t stop them from looking good. Dark backgrounds improve the visibility of other accent colors for truly dynamic design.


There is nothing more boring than perfection. As long as modern designs are all about personalization, it is quite common for Web designers to use accents of imperfections in their work.
Imperfect, hand-drawn design elements inject emotion and humanity into websites, which users seem to be craving after seeing perfected yet impersonal graphics dominate web designs for years. In 2020, adding some hand-drawn realness gives web designs the heart and soul visitors find appealing.

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Immersive elements

3D visuals always catch attention and keep it. They may simply prolong the amount of time a user spends on a website. Until now the technology and therefore general cost of those elements have held this trend back. But the technology is now finally in a place where you can design in 3D without super expensive and sophisticated equipment, opening the gates to more and more designers.


It came to web design from fashion. This trend is all about creating depth, making the design look more complicated and thought-through. Generally, it is like using 3D, but on a much more casual scale. Soft shadows and floating elements add interest and depth and give your web page a “3D Lite” look. It’s not just graphics either: you can use this effect with text and photos, too.

Photography mixed with graphics

This trend has been used in web design for a while now. It is aimed to make the sophisticated impression of combining uncombinable elements. Overlapping original graphics on top of real photographs create a memorable visual, which lends itself to let your creativity go wild.

This collage-like trend is a versatile one; you can use it to add a special cuteness and charm to the otherwise bland product photo (TSP stoneware, above), or you can use its more serious attributes to better communicate complicated or abstract concepts like tech or finance. It’s a way to customize your imagery and add more personality to your web design.