The qualities of cigars can vary greatly. As you can expect, higher-quality products cost more than lower-quality ones. Of course, you will probably run into vendors who will try to sell you certain items for more money than they are worth. Here are two ways to make sure that the cigar you have is of premium quality.

1 Construction

How the outer wrapping of a cigar was made tends to indicate its quality. Premium products like Marcus Daniel cigars limited edition are rolled by hand while Non-Premium products get rolled by machine. A lot of the price that one pays for premium quality goes into the price of this labor. In addition, tobacco is treated differently depending on the quality of the cigar. High-level manufacturers use only cured and fermented tobacco and low-level manufacturers will chemically treat their tobacco so that they can better control the taste.

2 Components 

The exact type of tobacco that one can find inside of a cigar can also determine its true value. To start with, the plant’s exact location of origin can be an indication of what it’s worth. Tobacco that is grown in such places as Cuba, Brazil, and Nicaragua, for example, tends to find itself in very fine products. Also, premium cigars tend to use the whole leaves of a plant (this is known as ‘long filler’) while lesser quality cigars use a chopped version of the leaf (this is known as ‘short filler’).

Keep these traits in mind when next you shop for a cigar. Look on the packaging or band of the cigar for descriptions of the origin, filler type and how it’s rolled or ask the vendor selling them to you. Once you’ve heard all that you can and are satisfied, you’re sure to have gotten an excellent purchase.

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