Tricks & Strategies to Ace Your Online Rummy

Online Rummy is a rather simple and fun game once you learn how to play by its rules. Devising a strategy and following it to win in cash rummy tournaments is not a very difficult task. However, with practice, you can learn all the strategies and even end up beating your opponents at the game. 

Some strategies that will surely help you in your game are listed below: 

  1. Arrange Cards Properly

Online Rummy is all about the color of the cards due to which arranging these cards should be the first thing that should be done. Ordered cards cause less confusion and mistakes. It also makes it easier to win the game and declare the game.

  1. Make use of the Joker card

Joker is a substitute card that can be availed in several ways. You can use the card in a better way to form sets/sequences such that your points get reduced even if your opponent declares the game. 

  1. Have a pure sequence in hand

A pure sequence in online rummy is the one that is formed without using the Joker card or any wild cards. Forming a pure sequence is very important as it ensures that even if your opponent declares the game, it cuts down the sum of all card values.

  1. Remove high-value face cards from your deck

Online Rummy is not all about coming first in the game. Even if one of your opponents declares the game, you must ensure that your points are not high. Points are calculated by summing up the value of the cards that you are left with at the end of the game. Therefore, it is important to discard all the high face value cards as the game progresses. The high-value face cards include Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.

  1. Realize the importance of middle face value cards
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As explained above, keeping high-value cards can pose a risk. However, this can be reduced considerably by including and working your way with as many middle face value cards as possible. The values of these middle-value cards range from 4 to 8.

  1. Keep evaluating the cards

It is not a good idea to wait for a particular card to form a run because this can make your game feel stuck. Instead, re-evaluate your cards at every turn you get to check if there are any other additional sequences that you can make with the same cards. Rearranging your cards is also a good idea.

  1. Quit the game before it’s too late

Not every online rummy game is supposed to be a winning one. Sometimes we are dealt bad cards and it is not possible to win. Whenever such a situation arises, instead of sitting till the very end and incurring losses, it is better to drop out of the game early after evaluating all the cards properly. This will save you a lot of time, energy, and money.

  1. Keep an eye on your opponents

In online rummy, you need to be able to make your sequence and simultaneously keep an eye at the moves of your opponents. This can be done by looking closely as to what cards are they picking up from the discard pile. This can help you predict the sequence that they might be trying to put together. 

  1. Use the technique of bluffing

Bluffing is one technique that can surely help you win at online rummy. With practice comes this technique naturally. Every time you pick up a card from the discard pile, you are leaving a clue behind for your opponents. So, if you have repetitive cards, you can discard them to confuse your opponents. Apart from this, you can also make your opponents discard the card for you. How? For example, if you are making a sequence of three queens, and you already have the queen of spades and heart, then you can go ahead and discard the jack of diamonds which will end up confusing your opponent and he/she might end up discarding the queen of diamonds. This trick has worked a lot of times!

  1. Play the game in the spirit of the game

One very important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot win at every game every single time. So, even if you lose, do not beat yourself over it. In addition to logic and strategies, this game is also based on luck (depends on the cards that come to you). Since this is not something that is under your control, play the game lightly. Do not stress over it because sometimes even if you are winning or have the ability to turn the game around, all the stress and nervousness will not let you concentrate. 

  1.  Play the rules of the game in reverse

This is another trick that usually ends up helping the players. One of the most common tricks (as mentioned above in this article as well) is about the importance of discarding all the high-value face cards. Now, what if you reverse this trick? Well, if you keep all the high-value cards till the third or fourth move, your opponents will end up discarding all those cards during their initial moves. This will get you cards that can end up completing a sequence (pure/impure). This way, you can think of other common tricks used in online rummy and reverse them to your advantage.

  1. Apply basic concepts of Mathematics in the game

A lot of experienced players use the basic concepts of Mathematics to the game. This can be used to predict the number of cards that are actively in use in the game and how many of those cards might be present in the closed deck. Even if you get a fair idea about this, you can go a long way in winning the game.

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