When it comes to HDB apartment doors, you may think to yourself that it is unimportant, but this is not the case. The perfect door can make a major difference in the appearance and style of the living area.

A door frame in an HDB apartment is typically 2.75ft x 7ft in size, with a standard 35-millimeter thickness while other apartments might have larger door frames than the standard size.

This post will provide the readers with guidance and information on the various kinds of HDB bedroom doors and also a better understanding of the available options and forms of difference between various doors on the market. You can check out reliable doors suppliers such as SG Doors for more choices and prices of HDB doors.

Hollow-core Doors: What Are They Used For?

The hollow core door is a modern-day necessity. The hollow-core door, which is only used on the interior and is typically found in bedrooms, baths, closets, and some laundry and utility rooms. Just because it’s named “hollow-core” does not mean that it is completely hollow.

Doors with a hollow core are often constructed of plywood, which is lighter and softer than solid wood. To enhance its durability, the plywood is stacked in a honeycomb design and then covered in a more durable material such as veneer to complete the appearance.

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Why should you buy core hollow doors? Hollow core doors are more affordable since the door panel is empty, and they are also simpler to install due to their small weight. Do keep in mind, however, that core hollow doors are meant for interior uses only as they are non-weather resistant.

Semi-solid Door: What Does Semi-solid Mean?

A semi-solid HDB door is heavier than a hollow core door due to the added thickness and weight provided by the outer layer pushed into the plywood. Normally it is made from a hybrid of two materials, such as timber or composite core wrapped in sheets of real timber veneer. It is frequently seen as a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to other types of doors.

Doors For HDB Bathrooms

In comparison to bedroom doors, HDB bathroom doors provide you with creative freedom as a house owner. Additional consideration needs to be taken when it comes to bathroom doors in regards to material selection and structural stability due to their frequent exposure to water. As a result of the stringent need for waterproof materials, the color and aesthetics of the door may be more limited in terms of colors and patterns.

A little Suggestion For Your Main Entrance Door

Semi-solid core doors are made of 70% tough solid material. As a result, they are more soundproof and have superior temperature management than their hollow core competitors.

Last But Not least, Solid Core Doors

A solid-core door is similar to a hollow core bedroom door with features of an external plywood covering. What’s the difference then? Well, the solid core door is filled with various materials, one of which being plywood. As such, solid core doors provide the highest level of sound insulation of the three and are also the most costly.

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A solid-core door, on the other hand, is still less expensive than a solid wood door. This has resulted in some people choosing a solid core door for their bedroom rather than a solid wood door. Besides that, a solid core door provides sufficient soundproofing without being too heavy for the available area.

Due to their weight, solid-core doors provide a more luxurious feel and are the most durable of all door kinds.

It is critical to note that this will be used for Singapore’s HDB fire-rated doors. This is because such doors can withstand fire and allow evacuees to flee in the event of a disaster.

In Conclusion

Bathrooms in HDBs are also often small, and with the majority of HDBs having just two bathrooms, making the most of available space is critical. The doors we have are excellent when it comes to maximizing spaces and avoid feeling crowded.