The teenage period is crucial for both boys and girls because it helps them prepare for adulthood. Although we often think that children’s health care is under control, we forget about their oral health. You should take dental care for teenagers seriously because the teenagers’ teeth are still growing and thus more vulnerable than adult ones. Teenagers need to receive all the necessary procedures that will prevent them from severe problems in the future, and that is where teen dentistry comes in. This article aims to help you understand teen dentistry and why you should visit a dentist practicing teen dentistry in Perris.

What is teen dentistry?

Teen dentistry is a field of dental medicine that takes care of teenagers’ oral health between 13 and 19 years old. It pays special attention to their permanent teeth because they are not yet fully developed at this point. Teenagers need to receive specific procedures before their adult teeth arrive to ensure their healthy growth and prevent further problems with their health. Teenagers have special needs as far as oral hygiene is concerned. Therefore dental hygienists and pediatric dentists tend to work together before any procedures are taken.

Importance of Teen Dentistry

Teeth are vital for your appearance and your ability to speak and eat, so, naturally, you do anything to keep them healthy. Proper dental care does not refer to brushing teeth after each meal or wearing braces to fix crooked teeth. You need to take care of teeth throughout a teenager’s life because they are still developing. That is why they need examinations, fillings, and surgeries to prevent problems during their adulthood.

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Teen dentistry can help teenagers with many different problems starting from crowns for damaged teeth to orthodontics treatment. Teenagers usually lack dental awareness, so they do not regularly visit the dentist or maintain healthy oral hygiene. For this reason, you should make sure your children receive all the necessary examinations and treatments before it is too late.

Teenagers visit the dentist only in case of pain, but you can prevent this by teaching them about healthy teeth at school or in clubs for teenagers. After all, proper oral hygiene not only ensures a beautiful smile but also prevents many problems.

When to Visit a Teen Dentist

When it comes to teens, the dentist may address several problems, including,

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Spacing (Also known as Diastema)
  • Cross Bite
  • Overbite/Underbite
  • Check the teeth to ensure they grow correctly
  • If the teeth are mispositioned
  • If your teen has broken their permanent teeth and you need a dentist to fix them.

Your teen should visit their dentist at least twice a year for checkups and general examinations. Still, if they are experiencing any of the cavity-producing symptoms listed above, they should do it more frequently. And if your teen begins to experience any problems with their teeth at a younger age, they may want to see the dentist every three months.

In summary, teen dentistry is a field of dental medicine that takes care of teenagers’ oral health. It is essential since it helps shape the future of your child concerning dental health. You may need to visit a teen dentistry practice over issues such as crossbite, crowded teeth, and malpositioned teeth.

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