Signs You Should See a Gynecologist

Gynecology services can be a huge help. They can treat simple infections, or in some cases, catch an issue before it becomes life-threatening. Maybe you’re wondering if you should stop by the gynecologist. There are a few common signs that let you know you should set up an appointment.

Missing an Annual Exam

It is generally recommended that women should set up an annual gynecological appointment. This is important because some conditions don’t present symptoms. A doctor may detect issues, even if you are feeling fine. So if it has been a while since you’ve had a check-up, you should seek out professional gynecological services Gainesville GA.

Painful Periods

Menstrual cycles can come along with symptoms. Some cramping, bloating, or headaches can be normal. It can be unusual for the pain to be extreme, last for several days, and interfere with your life. Don’t ignore any painful period symptoms you have. A gynecologist can help you find a suitable treatment.

Unusual Odor

You may notice an unusual smell coming from your vagina. Maybe there is lots of discharge accompanying this odor. If these symptoms are different than what you are used to, schedule a gynecology appointment. A doctor can perform tests to check for infections. Many infections are minor and can be easily treated. However, if left untreated, they can lead to complications.

Breast Issues

You may notice bumps, lumps, or unusual discharge from your breasts. It can be alarming to notice these unusual symptoms. However, these symptoms do not automatically mean you have something serious going on. Visiting a gynecologist can put your mind at ease. A doctor can diagnose your condition.


These are just a few reasons to visit a gynecologist. If something seems unusual or concerning to you, make an appointment! A professional gynecologist can answer questions about your specific situation.