Preparing Your Child On First Paediatric Dentist Visit 

Are you planning to take your child to a dental clinic soon for the first time? Whether it’s their first check-up or plan for a dental implant in Singapore, knowing how to prepare your child is crucial. Their first impression and experience can make a lasting impact towards dental health. It’s time to consider how you can prepare your child and how to have a positive mind when it comes to dental health and seeing a dentist.

It’s normal for children to be scared and anxious at first. Hence it’s vital to know how to give them a positive mind while looking forward to their first-ever dental visit with a local paediatric dentist in Singapore. Without further ado, here are ways to help your child be positive and prepare for their first dental visit:

Inform Your Dentist

The first step you can do is to make an appointment and inform your dentist or a local paediatric dentist in your area. The dentist will provide excellent advice and tips to help your child prepare and practise oral health in the comfort of home. The first appointment will be like any other appointment, and you can discuss with your child what to expect and how the dentist can benefit their oral health.

Have A Post-Appointment Rewards

A post-appointment reward can easily make your child feel more positive and have something to look forward to afterwards. Whether your child needs invisible braces in Singapore or a polishing service, you can plan for a nice treat. Consider giving them non-junk food or a healthy trip to help your child maintain positivity before and during the appointment.

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Use Comfort Items 

Does your child have any favourites to comfort them? Whether it’s a stuffed toy animal, pillow or blanket, you can bring it with you on the first appointment. Even if your child needs scaling and polishing, you can help your child ease and be positive with a comfortable item. A worry-free experience can give your child a lasting positive impression of seeing a dentist without any fear or anxiety. Helping your child be comfortable is your top priority here to prepare them.

Pretend To Be A Dentist

You can play and pretend to be a dentist at home with your child. Playing with them as a dentist helps your child be more comfortable and familiar with what could happen during an appointment. It also eases up their worries about dental treatment. You can even demonstrate some basics to help them understand good oral hygiene.

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