With the evolution of online games, security threats are a persistent problem. In the past decade, the gaming industry has grown at a rapid rate. As more people across the world are connected to the internet, their awareness related to online games has also expanded a great deal. Most young adults are well aware of online games.

Hence, it is needless to say that security is one of the most important elements of online games. Online gamers are passionate about their games and have dedicated accounts and profiles. The last thing they want is their account compromised by a security threat. Both GameGully & GetMega are popular online gaming platforms with a large number of user bases.

These platforms have deployed the latest security measures to keep emerging threats at risk. With ever-evolving technological platforms, hackers and malicious actors are adopting innovative ways to compromise security in leading online gaming platforms. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at how safety on GameGully & GetMega are important for online gamers.

Real Players

Both these platforms are pretty serious about the enrollment of real players. For instance, GameGully allows only verified and real players to register on its platform. It has an extensive verification process that allows the platform to filter out non-verified players. On the contrary, GetMega allows only 100% verified profiles.

It features legal and skill-based games which appeal to scores of people. Quite impressively, GetMega is RNG certified. It is also a member of the All India Gaming Federation. In simple words, both these online gaming platforms are serious about not letting bots invade their gameplay.

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Bots are a serious security threat nowadays for online gamers. Being automated, they can play more skillfully than their human counterparts. With extensive verification processes, both these gaming platforms have made sure that there are no bots in their forum.

Overall Safety and Security of GameGully and GetMega 

As popular platforms for online games, both these apps feature advanced security features. For instance, GameGully has SSL encryption which ensures that the data of the players remain safe. Moreover, this gaming platform transfers the amount won by players to their accounts swiftly. GameGully also uses secure servers which ensure players with great safety.

If you want to play with complete peace of mind, this gaming platform is your best option. The platform will also ask for your PAN card details during the registration process. The overall procedure of playing games on this platform is 100% secure. When the context is about security, GetMega scores high points.

It is 100% safe and verified. As mentioned earlier, GetMega is a member of the All India Gaming Federation. That’s why it adheres to strict security protocols to ensure the overall safety of the players.

It has a gaming platform where safety and security are of utmost significance. GetMega also has Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics, which makes sure that the data of the players stay protected.

The security features present in GetMega have been certified by iTech Labs. GetMega ensures the safest gameplay of the highest standards. It uses servers with world-class encryption. Even in unstable networks, the GetMega app will load swiftly.


So as you can see, both these platforms have made it easier to play with complete peace of mind. However, GetMega enjoys a slight edge over GameGully. If you want to compete in online games, always make sure you compete on a secure platform. This is a great way to win exciting rewards while improving your skills at the same time.