MTS AI Accelerator to develop tech startups in Russia

The Company will support DeepTech startups, assist them with technology development and scale-up and help raise investment of up to $1 million and bring their products to new markets.

Work with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and talented developers is a focus to be pursued by MTS AI, a company creating AI-based products for Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Edge Computing. 

In July, MTS AI announced the second acceleration program to be launched for Russian startups – students and graduates of Russia’s leading technical universities. Once the qualification is passed, what are the teams up to?

The Accelerator offers:

  1. High-skilled AI&DeepTech engineers and researchers, proprietary solutions and AI-platforms (Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision), mentors from the world’s Big Tech companies
  2. Startup hub: access through a partner network to the world’s best accelerators and the largest AI&DeepTech-focused venture funds; an opportunity to raise $100 thousand to $10 million of investment
  3. Platform for hypothesis testing and further commercialization
  4. Access to Big Data through partners

MTS AI Accelerator will accept applications from startups with unique technical background, AI or DeepTech hackathon or pitching competition winners. An academic degree in the team is a plus. 

Any other requirements? 

  • The startup’s goal is to develop an innovation product or technology, with the teammates fluent in English and being Russian citizens.
  • The startup has developed a technology that is hard to replicate, the IP is owned by the company, the team or the founder personally.
  • The founder or the team are the authors of DeepTech scientific research studies and papers.
  • The team has at least 8 hours per week to work at their project.

Up-and-coming entrepreneurs will enjoy intensive activities with a personal product and technology mentor, business development coach, MasterClass sessions by leading technology companies, as well as a DemoDay involving international venture funds and corporations, who are interested in collaboration with Russian startups. Apply and have your startup and technology reviewed.