Most Essential Solutions for the Gold Sales

Used jewellery, old scrap, coins, watches, dental alloys there are many objects that anyone can have at home and that, for various reasons, you can decide to sell. Among these, jewels are certainly the first to be thought of, for their substantial availability in almost every family and for the immediate association that is made between these objects and their value. But there are many other objects that contain gold, starting, for example, from old scrap which, inside them, may contain gold parts to be recovered.

Value of Your Asset

Gold coins and tokens can also be frequent, which can be made with variable percentages of gold and which; consequently, can have different values ​​when you decide to resell them. Dental alloys are a little more complex as they are more difficult to find and have special characteristics. While, directly related to gold, we can also consider the categories of objects in silver and that of precious stones, with diamonds in the foreground. For all these categories of objects, if you decide to sell them to get something out of it, the gold shops are the realities to refer to. So if you are looking for the Best place to sell gold nuggets  then here are the options for you.

It is good, however, that before embarking on a sale, you know how to do it correctly and, above all, allow the seller to obtain the maximum possible gold price. In this sense, in particular, technology has provided one of the most effective tools to use. This is the possibility, offered by the sites of the major gold buying brands, of making a real-time evaluation of the amount that could be obtained from the sale of your jewel.

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How to Measure On Your Own

To do this, just enter the weight of the gold object and its carats in the appropriate fields on the websites. The latter value is fundamental, as any gold object, unless it is ingots, specks or nuggets, is composed only of a percentage of pure gold which, to be worked, must be combined with other metal alloys such as copper or silver. It is for this reason that a “do it yourself” valuation based on the gold price given on the stock exchange can be misleading, because this refers to pure gold which, by convention, is called 24 karat. In general jewels use 18-karat gold, thus guaranteeing the presence of 750 parts of gold out of a whole ideal of 1000 parts.

Once the quotation has been obtained, it is generally possible to block the price obtained and, by going in the following 24 – 48 hours to a metal counter of the same brand on whose site the evaluation was carried out, you are guaranteed to be exactly recognized the amount blocked online.

Sale Procedure to Follow

If the amount reached is to your liking, there are some steps to complete to complete the sale procedure.

First of all, once in the shop, the material will be weighed again on a precision scale: it is important that this operation takes place directly in the presence of the seller, who can thus verify the correctness of the procedure.

After weighing, we proceed to the “touch” check, made to ensure the authenticity of the metal and its carat weight. Once the final weight and carats have been established, to complete the process the law requires that the customer be identified through an identity document. Under no circumstances is it permitted for a minor to sell gold.

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