Learn About X-Cite Fluorescence LED Illuminators

Microscopy applications use X-Cite LED fluorescence illumination systems. Several X-Cite LED families feature technology. Thus, it’s possible to use either wavelength with complex control options or use mercury lamps that are bright and environmentally-friendly. Below are several X Cite illuminators to choose from.

X-Cite NOVEM Powerful, 9-Channel LED Illumination System

It’s bright and produces a powerful LED illumination than the others. It has a wavelength of nine, and its spectral coverage ranges from Fura-2 up to IR800. It switches fast; thus, the user wastes no time waiting for it to respond. Because it’s the next generation LED light source, its performance is incomparable from the other systems.

Key Features

  • The Clean-up filters are pre-installed
  • It can be controlled via TTL, USB, analog and speedDIAL
  • The spectral coverage ranges from Fura-2 to IR800.
  • It has a nine-channel wavelength where the user can select
  • Its laserLED Hybrid Drive has a filter changer that is four-position motorized.

X-Cite Mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System

It’s an excellent choice for fluorescence imaging applications and an outstanding performance and economical to purchase and use. Its in-built and finger controls allow for automation. Its warranty is 20 000 hours. There’s no need to change lamps, replace light guides or dispose of mercury fees.

Key Feature and Benefits

  • Its LED technology enables it to be efficient, stable, mercury-free, has a longer lifespan and instant ON/OFF.
  • It has a small footprint hence a minimal space required.
  • It has a high power excitation because it’s direct-coupled
  • Multiple operations include TTL, USB or speedDIAL
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X-Cite Xylis Broad Spectrum LED Illumination System

This true arc lamp has the broadest spectrum in white light LED used in fluorescence microscopy and can’t be compared to traditional arc lamps. Thus, they are suitable for compound and stereo microscopes.

Technical Specifications

  • The wavelength range is 360-770nm in the model: XT720S and 380-770nm in the model: XT720L.
  • Universal input supply is 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Weight is 6.3Kgs (13.9lbs)
  • Warranty is 25 000 hours or three years.

X-Cite 110LED Illumination System

This white light LED light source is also used for imaging applications. It’s compact and provides excitation for GFP, DAPI, among others, thus offering unique field uniformity. Its delivery is through a liquid light guide.

Features and Benefits

  • It has multiple control options, including speedDIAL, TTL and USB
  • Its light guide delivery is flexible both in delivery and unit location.
  • Thermal management is optimal; thus, it’s reliable, stable and has a long lifespan.
  • Uses LED technology: mercury-free, efficient, stable, long lifespan

X-Cite Turbo Multi-wavelength LED Illumination System

This system provides up to six fluorophores. It uses a laserLED Hybrid source for fluorescence applications. Its imaging applications are highly advanced, and it also uses several control options. Excitation light is filtered before entering the light guide; hence, the user can achieve the needed bandwidth for efficiency purposes.

Technical Specifications

  • Wavelength ranges between 385-630nm.
  • Total power consumption is 156W.
  • The external power supply of the universal input is 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Weight is 4.5Kg
  • Dimensions are 110mmx260mmx230mm (W x H x D).

There are many X-Cite fluorescence LED illumination systems to choose from. Users can choose one depending on the application intended. It’s advisable to inquire from experts before purchasing one.

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