Is it Possible for Dogs to Consume Raw Cat Food?

Different people have different opinions regarding the issue of dogs eating cat food. Normally, many pet parents would not recommend this. However, dogs can surely consume cat food when they are on a raw diet. 

The difference is that cat food has fewer vegetables compared to dog food. This means that dogs can easily enjoy cat food, but the opposite may not work.

Why Dogs Can Eat Cat Food

Raw cat food majorly comprises meat. This means that dogs can easily consume raw cat food, and nothing will go wrong. Cats are obligate carnivores, considering that they are originally desert animals. This means that cats cannot or have no need for non-animal foods in their diet.

On the other hand, dogs can consume both animal and non-animal foods. 

The idea is to ensure it is raw. Dogs are scavengers or facultative carnivores, so they can consume and thrive with a mixture of animal, vegetable, and fruit diet as long as it is whole and well mixed. However, the vegetables and fruits should be in small amounts.

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