How to Enhance your Health and Live a Fulfilling Life

Women bear exclusive health conditions that need personalized care from an expert. One of the women’s health concerns that Lafayette OBGYN professionals focus on is menopause. The onset of menopause tags along with it several health issues, thanks to the declining estrogen hormone. The specialist’s team, led by Dr. Nevils, offers their patients vast options in preventive care and managing all their women’s health issues. 

What are some of the women related issues that Vibrant Woman Health Center experts deal with?


The type of contraception that women use is specific and their own choice. Women prefer different contraception. Here are some questions and answers that women ask concerning contraception. Before you decide which contraceptive to use, you should discuss your options with your doctor. Some contraceptives may work for you, while others may not. Your gynecologist will advise you first to consider the effectiveness of the contraception method before you embrace it. Other factors include

  •         The comfort the contraception offers you and your partner
  •         The number of children you wish to have
  •         The contraceptive’s side effects and how they will affect you
  •         The sexual frequency
  •         Your number of sexual partners
  •         The reversibility of the method.

Sexual dysfunction

The sexual strain is one of the problems women have at some point in life. These problems can be persistent and recurrent and have the potential of affecting an otherwise healthy sexual life. These sexual issues include

  •   Orgasm: A woman not to reach full arousal during sexual intercourse. This inability to reach orgasm can be due to hormonal changes, insufficient stimulation, and medications. However, some chronic conditions can also prevent a woman from getting a sexual peak.
  •   Arousal: Without proper vaginal lubrication, it is difficult for a woman to enjoy sex. Conditions that can make a woman less lubricated include menopause and anxiety.
  •   Painful intercourse: Pain during intercourse can make sex very uncomfortable. The pain that usually originates from reproductive organs may include conditions like endometriosis or STIs.
  •   Reduced libido: Reduced sexual interest can cause strain in a woman’s sexual life. Hormonal changes, depression, and stress are some of the health issues that could reduce your sexual interest.
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Sexual dysfunction is not a terminal condition. During treatment, your doctor will discuss your symptoms and your sexual history. The doctor may also be required to do a physical examination and an ultrasound to determine the problem’s cause. Your doctor may also decide to measure your hormone levels to determine if hormone replacement will help satisfy and boost your sexual life.


Your nutritionist will recommend you rely on food nutrients to boost your health and prevent you from contracting diseases. To improve your health, you should include in your diet fresh vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. However, some supplements like iodine are hard to obtain through diet alone. When you hit menopause, you are most likely to experience body changes. Your doctor will help you with dietary options to maintain your youthful body.

Nothing is impossible to reclaim in a woman’s health. Whether it is sexual dysfunction or hormonal imbalance you are struggling with, do not suffer silently. Schedule an appointment with the experts and get your problem solved. For more information, contact Vibrant Woman Health Center today.