How To Become A Nanny In The United Kingdom or Abroad

Have you ever thought of becoming a nanny here in the United Kingdom or abroad? If so, we are going to share some thoughts on why you may think otherwise.

If you love children, becoming a nanny would be a very rewarding field. However, one must also realize that it is a very demanding job as well. While there are fun and games there is also care and education for someone else’s children.

What Is Needed To Be An Effective Nanny For International And English Clients?

  • You will need a clear criminal record (DBS).
  • Experience in childcare.
  • It is often preferred that you are Of sted registered.
  • It is often preferred that you are educated with proper skills in language, mathematics, arts and be IT literate.
  • One should have a kind and friendly disposition with much patience.
  • You should be committed and professional.

Understanding The DBS Check

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Check is a conclusive check that is required by law and includes:

A list of all individuals who have been barred from working with children.

A police check in which to ensure there is no information about the individual which would make them unsuitable to work with children. In addition, this will include any information regarding the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 which will show any cautions or convictions to which the individual has received as well as those that may not show up on a standard disclosure.

Register With A Reputable Agency

One of the best ways to find a solid nanny job is to register with a childcare agency, which will typically be at no cost to you. However, they will require a recent CV, identification, education information, as well as proof of a DBS check. As a side benefit, if you are thinking of becoming a nanny you may want to learn about the different Nanny Payroll Services.

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Why It Is Important To Be A UK Nanny?

As we have already discussed, it is essential for a proper nanny to be well-presented and punctual. In addition, it is often regarded that they are going to take on the safety and development of the child. General duties of a nanny will typically include the cleaning of the child’s room, laundry, as well as preparation of meals for the child. In addition, one will typically be in charge of bringing the child to and from school, doctor’s visits, as well as any activities the child attends. If you have any specific hobbies or play a particular instrument, this will generally be looked upon in a favorable manner.

You do not have to be native to the country for your service to be in demand, as there are many families who are seeking well-qualified nannies. You just need to ensure that your English skills are impeccable.

What Is Essential For A British Nanny Working Abroad?

One must always use a sense of caution while applying for nanny jobs abroad. Before you accept any type of position, it is essential to research your potential employer.

In fact, it is wise to speak with the employer via video interviews.

You will want to ask and check various references. In most cases, it is best to work through a childcare agency. If possible, you should try to find out if they had employed any other nannies and reach out to them for more information about work conditions.

In addition, before you sign on with a long-term position, see if you could work on a temporary basis.

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Finally, always ensure that you have another plan ready and able. Just in case things do not work out as expected, you want a way out.