Getting Your Menstruation Early – 6 Natural Techniques To Get It

Periods can make women go crazy, but irregular periods can be the worst nightmare, especially when you want to get done with it. Periods can make women cranky and can spill water on many plans. That’s why in emergencies, women often seek exercise to get periods immediately or any other means to help them. Here in this blog, we will learn about natural means to get periods immediately.

But before jumping on that, let’s answer the question of an hour.

Is it possible to get a period fast?

There can be multiple reasons to get your period faster; maybe there is some family function in your family, you have a crucial meeting to attend, or you are planning your dream vacation. Stress and anxiety can also induce periods; yes, it is possible to get periods faster. There are many natural remedies and exercise to get periods immediately.

Natural ways to get periods faster

Let’s cast light on natural ways and exercise to get periods immediately.

1. Eating papaya

If you are desperately waiting for your period, give papaya a try. It is an edible known for its uterotonic properties. It simply means consuming papaya helps stimulate uterus contraction. This can help in getting a period early. For this, all you need is one ripe papaya and eat it directly. However, if you’re looking for a scientific backup for this, then, unfortunately, there is none.

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2. Try vitamin c

The second natural way to get a period instantly is by trying out vitamin c substances. It is a substance known to have ascorbic acid, which enhances the estrogen level in the body. This is the substance that contributes to the menstrual cycle in women. However, it is best to consult a doctor to know about the required amount of intake.

3. Turmeric

Another best home remedy to try is turmeric, a very resourceful substance at hand. It is well known that turmeric has various properties but do you know that it stimulates the uterus’s blood flow, which helps in inducing the period faster? The right way to consume it is with boiled water. Add one spoonful of turmeric to lukewarm water and drink it. If you try this remedy 2-3 times a day before your actual period date, you will surely get your period early.

4. Pranayama

Another way to get periods early is to try pranayama, a well-known breathing exercise to release tension from the body and get periods faster. Not just this, the immune system will be strengthened with pranayama, and the heart, kidney, and other organs will operate better.

5. Physical exercise

Further, if you are in a workout, you must be aware that physical exercises like squats, running, crunches, etc., can help in inducing periods faster. These intense workouts relax the lower muscles and increase the blood flow, ultimately triggering women’s menstrual cycle. That’s why avoiding intense workouts during the menstrual cycle is generally suggested.

6. Iodine intake

Iodine deficiency in the system has been associated with thyroid issues, which can seriously interfere with menstruation. By redressing the discrepancy, a few droplets of natural iodine in one cup of water might start periods. One can also include selenium, vitamin C, and magnesium in the diet for more significant outcomes.


Final thought

There you have it! Here you get all the information on getting your menstruation cycle early by trying out natural remedies. Remember that every person has a different period cycle depending on their body fractionation. A menstruation cycle between 24 days to 34 days is considered normal. So if you lie in that category, don’t worry about it.