Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore for Expats

Married expatriates experiencing abuse or unfair treatment from their spouses may want to consider getting a divorce. However, being an expatriate will lead one to wonder if he is allowed to get a divorce in Singapore. Many are hesitant to consult a Singapore divorce lawyer and settle with separation outside the law due to this reason. It often leads to problems with child custody and the division of assets.

It is good to understand that filing a divorce is not just for making your separation legal. It also protects you, your children, your assets and your would-be step-family. Thus, if you are experiencing domestic situations that lead you to get a divorce, finding a good divorce lawyer in Singapore is essential.

Before Consulting a Divorce Lawyer, Let’s Clear Things Up

Will the Singapore court hear your divorce case in the first place? This must be resolved before finding a good divorce lawyer. The Singapore court will hear your divorce case if you or your spouse are domiciled in Singapore or habitually residing here. But what does that mean? And are you considered one?

To be domiciled means that your residence is officially in this country, as mentioned by our family lawyer in Singapore. All Singaporean citizens are considered domiciles in this country. For expatriates, if your work or home address (as reflected in your IDs) is in Singapore, you are also considered.

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Meanwhile, habitual residence means you stay in Singapore most of the time. While you travel to or stay in other countries from time to time, if your place of residence is still in this country, you are covered based on Family Law.

What Can a Singapore Divorce Lawyer Do For Expats

Do you or your spouse meet any of the two criteria? Then it is time to find a divorce lawyer. But how exactly can a divorce lawyer help an expatriate in the divorce process? Here’s how our divorce lawyer helped us:

Prove Our Eligibility for the Divorce

Since expatriates may or may not be eligible for a divorce case, my divorce lawyer helped us prove my citizenship. This assistance helped us qualify for a divorce and extend the court decision to the country I mostly stay in for work.

Mediate or Provide Counsel

Uncontested divorce or pre-agreed divorce is better especially if you have a child who might suffer from all the conflicts. In our case, our divorce lawyer mediated so we would agree on the division of assets and custody.

Collate Crucial Documents

One of the most important benefits of hiring the best divorce lawyer in Singapore is that he will help you with the documents. Missing a document can prolong the case and thus, give you unnecessary expenses.

Represent Us In Court

Even for an uncontested divorce, it is crucial to have a good divorce lawyer to represent you in court. It will likewise help the court reach a decision earlier. Moreover, you will not have to deal with the stress court hearings often bring.

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Discuss the Court Decision

Lastly, the divorce lawyer explained every part of the court decision to us. This is good in the sense that I won’t unintentionally break anything from the ruling that might cause me some trouble later on.

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