Considering switch to IP cameras for your company? Check this overview

Beyond cybersecurity, there is always a looming concern with regards to on-premise security. Businesses without CCTV systems are always at risk of losing information, which may be vital in investigation in case of a security breach, and also for general monitoring. However, standard CCTV systems are no longer enough. Analog cameras used in traditional CCTV systems send the video to DVRs, but there’s the better choice of now using IP cameras, which send signals over a network. IP cameras are secured with passwords, and the backdoor password is usually super strong, so hackers cannot really hack into the system easily. In this post, we are reviewing why replacing CCTV systems with IP cameras is a better idea.

Reviewing the advantages

  • Undoubtedly, IP cameras have better resolution and image quality. The same unit can have as many as four cameras, or even more, so the picture quality is never compromised.
  • Since the data is stored over a network, there is no need for a complicated cable-based setup. Just one cable is enough to connect IP cameras to the network.
  • While many companies do have a hybrid system of both analog and IP cameras, the latter along is enough and allows direct access to records.
  • Encryption of data is probably the biggest advantage of IP cameras. If the password is strong enough, companies can be assured their data is safe.
  • Depending on the product and features, IP cameras can have video analytics, so analyzing data or segregating information doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Managing these cameras is way easier. Diverse monitoring systems can be used with these cameras, and because of network-based data transmission, storing data is never a problem.
  • Management in many companies would want to have a complete system for managing and maintaining security cameras, and IP cameras make that possible without any added complications.
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Do we really need IP cameras?

There’s no denying that IP cameras are expensive and require a considerably higher upfront investment. However, keeping the long list of benefits in mind, this could be a big switch. It is wise to understand the premise security needs first before taking call on IP cameras. In general, such systems are more suited for big offices, where many areas and levels are to be maintained and monitored at the same time.

Check online for IP camera systems now and evaluate the features and pricing.