Comprehensive Functional Restoration in New Jersey

Work-related injuries are prevalent and can negatively impact your daily activities, especially if they are accompanied by chronic pain. Comprehensive and urgent medical attention is essential to alleviate you of your pain and promote faster recovery. At SamWell Institute for Pain Management, Dr. Jay M. Shah is highly-experienced and qualified in offering safe and effective treatments for work-related injuries. If you are experiencing a work-related injury in Colonia, request an appointment with Dr. Shah through mobile or use the online booking tool.

What Is a Workplace Injury?

A workplace injury is any injury that occurs while someone is on the line of duty. Often, many people view work injuries as a particular event that occurs one-time. Even though this is true, other forms of work injuries can occur. Repetitive and overuse motion injuries are prevalent in workplaces and likely lead to chronic, and painful conditions affecting your hips, shoulders, neck, back, knees, and other body areas.

What are the Major Causes of Work-Related Injuries?

If your work necessitates that you perform continuous tasks for long hours, you are more vulnerable to a workplace injury. Some of the jobs that may lead to such injuries are lab workers, construction workers, dancers, factory workers, and jobs that require lots of typing, which means long sitting hours. Many other occupations also put one at risk of developing work-related injuries over time.

What are Some of the Conditions Resulting from Work-Related Injuries?

The most noticeable conditions caused by workplace injuries are those that occurred at a specific event. However, long years of repetitive motion in the line of duty can cause extensive and lasting damage. Most of these conditions are chronic and painful and significantly affect the mobility function of a person. They include lower back pain, muscle strains, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and knee pain. To ensure you achieve the best results, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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How to Prevent Work-Related Injuries

Even though there are treatment alternatives for most workplace injuries, it is best to prevent them from occurring. You can achieve this by adjusting the workplace environment to relieve the strain on your body. Some of the measures you can take include modifying tasks, adjusting the work pace, constructing worker-friendly workstations, and educating employees on proper working techniques.

Dr. Shah and his team at SamWell Institute for Pain Management specialize in offering quality treatments for work-related injuries. These treatments are tailored to address the individual’s underlying cause of pain and relieve chronic pain. Some of the services offered include, but are not limited to, regenerative medicine, peripheral nerve stimulation, dorsal root ganglion, nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, spinal cord stimulation, joint injections, etc.

In conclusion, SamWell Institute for Pain Management offers some of the most advanced treatment alternatives for workplace injuries. The providers are welcoming to all patients in Colonia, Livingston, and the extensive New Jersey area. If you experience or know someone who suffers from a work-related injury, the facility’s specialists are here to help. Request an appointment today with Dr. Shah through mobile or use the online scheduling tool.