Myths and misconceptions about lung cancer will never end. You have probably come across more than a few yourself. As such, you have to be quite vigilant about what you hear about lung cancer before making a medical decision. If you are experiencing lung cancer in Flemington, you may want to distinguish the facts from false information. Most misconceptions prevent patients from taking the proper steps to get screened and treated. To make the right health decisions, you must find out what is true and what is not. Here, we debunk some of the common myths to watch out for.

Only smokers get lung cancer

Surprisingly, most people who develop lung cancer are ex-smokers. You will be shocked to realize that ten percent of people overall and 20% of women who have been diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked. Please note that smoking increases your risk of developing lung cancer, but that does not necessarily mean it must lead to it.

People below 60 years do not get lung cancer

While it is true that the risk of developing lung cancer increases with age, that does not mean adults below sixty years are safe from the disease. It is a pretty widespread myth and makes young people less likely to get screened or call a doctor whenever they feel like they have some symptoms. Please note that age becomes a factor, especially for smokers, because the longer you are exposed, the higher the risk of developing lung cancer. However, regardless of your age, you should take respiratory symptoms seriously since you never know what the issue could be.

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Screening protects you from lung cancer.

Some people do not know much about screening, and others think that it has this extraordinary power. Most smokers who have undergone the screening tend to believe that it helps them cut down their chances of getting lung cancer. Surprisingly, several smokers think being screened is just as effective as quitting smoking to reduce the chances of fatality. Screening has its benefits but never helps in protecting you from developing lung cancer.

Lung cancer surgery makes it spread.

You should know that lung cancer spreads through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Cells from the original tumor break off and travel through the vessels to other places. Spreading happens within your body because of the traveling fluids. As such, surgery does not mean that your cancer will spread. On the other hand, surgery helps remove a malignant tumor from the lungs for some patients.

Women do not have to worry about getting lung cancer

While men are at a higher risk of getting lung cancer, that does not mean women should be complacent. Over the next couple of years, research shows that women are at an increased risk of getting lung cancer. Men are still in greater danger, but women are not further behind.

Please note that smoking is not the only risk for lung cancer. Other factors come into play, such as gene mutations and air pollution exposure, and secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer. If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, ensure you equip yourself with the facts to make better decisions for your health.

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