Consuming a lot of sugary foods is the most prevalent cause of teeth destruction. However, one should never forget that you have to stay away from acidic diets when it comes to teeth erosion and its impact on teeth.  Once your enamel is lost, your mouth becomes susceptible to any bacteria and infection. Specialists at Alta Canyada Dental Group help every patient understand the impacts of acidic foods on teeth and help solve specific teeth concerns using Glendale veneers.

Implementing some apple cider vinegar and lemon in the morning might be the best thing you can do for your health.

  • Lemons are a fantastic superfood because they help to boost your mood. The smell of lemon has negatively charged ions that can interact with the positive ions in your body, helping to reduce anxiety.
  • Lemons are also good in reducing inflammation caused by accumulated uric acid in the blood. Although lemons are acidic when you first consume them, the body processes the acid during digestion, helping make the body alkaline.
  • Lemons stimulate gastric juices that can help boost the digestive process. Moreover, it helps thin the bile, which allows for detoxification in the liver.

Effect of acid on teeth

One of the most potent acids in lemons is citric acid, with a pH of 2.0. As soon as a person consumes this acid, it gets burned up and changes into alkaline. An alkaline environment is optimal for the good bacteria in our bodies. Because lemon is an acid, it can erode the teeth and lead to teeth erosion, which involves the loss of tooth enamel.

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Why sucking on lemons can ruin your teeth.

The acidic nature of lemons can erode the top layer of your enamel. The worst thing you can do is brush your teeth immediately after you have sucked on lemons. Because your teeth are softer, using a brush and vigorously cleaning your teeth accelerates the removal of your enamel.

What you should do as a first-aid remedy is to drink water. Water will help reduce the strength of the acid by diluting it. You can dilute and swallow or spit out.

Examples of acidic diets

Other types of foods that have the potential to erode the enamel of your teeth include milk, fruit juice, flavored water and tea, even soda.

Signs you need to go to the dentist.

One way you can find out whether your teeth are eroded include:

  • Being aware of the sensitivity of your teeth, especially when taking hot and cold foods.
  • Your teeth start becoming yellow or discolored.
  • Develop an abscess or lose your teeth

Treatment options

Once you notice your teeth are eroding, the first thing to do is seek emergency dental care. Teeth erosion is one of the fastest ways of losing oral functionality. During your dental appointments, ensure that you get checked by your doctor, who will evaluate the status of your teeth and understand the areas of your hygiene that you need to improve.

Treatment may include veneers which are porcelain materials that are bonded to teeth to improve their aesthetic appearance. If you have discolored teeth, contact Alta Canyada Dental Group to get your teeth enhanced using veneers.

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