Blocked Drainage System? Four Effective Tips You Can Use

How many times has your bathroom flooded due to clogged drains? It is common in apartments located in old buildings that are depreciated and can’t be repaired quickly. There is usually something, an object, preventing the water from flowing freely through the drainage pipes. To unblock drains, Molesey can help you out. Kitchen drains can also be blocked if the fat and oil from cooking meat are lodged into the pipe and sticks inside the line, so the water can’t pass through. This article will see four different tips for clearing blocked drains. Keep reading to know more!

Baking Soda And Vinegar To The Rescue!

It is a commonly used method. Mixing baking soda and vinegar will cause a chemical reaction, which can clear out any residue in the pipes. Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical which can be used for bleaching purposes. There is no fixed ratio to use in this mix, but two parts of soda with one vinegar aspect will work fine. This method cannot be used very often as it can backfire and burst the pipe.

Pumping With A Drainage Pump

An excellent drainage pump can quickly solve most of the “object stuck in drain pipe” cases. You have to pump the pipe’s opening, and any stuck objects like hair, tree leaves, toy, women’s sanitary products, etc., will be pushed out in minutes. After this, the system should work correctly. A drainage pump is a must-have in any household.

Using Caustic Soda To Clean The Pipe

Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is highly corrosive in nature. It can cause chemical burns if not used with proper precautions. Wearing regular rubber gloves and protective goggles is a must when doing catch basin cleaning seattle wa. Mixing caustic soda in cold water creates a powerful solution that can bleach out any and all residues in minutes. Pour this solution after it heats up, and follow up with hot water.

The Inverted Hanger Method

It is a trick to try if an object is stuck in the pipe. An inverted hanger works best if there is hair or any other gunk in the tube. Take a regular hanger and bend it from one side to create a hook-like shape.

Calling For Professional Help

If you need to unblock drains Molesey provides such services. If any household tips do not work, asking for professional help is good. There may be an issue in the entire drainage system which can’t be fixed Without Proper Experience. There May Even Be an Issue with the City or Town’s Drainage System.


Clogged drainage systems can cause too many inconveniences. You can’t take a bath or do the dishes, etc. If there is flooding, it takes so much time to clean it. How to clear blocked drains is a undamental question, especially if you live alone and manage everything yourself. Installation of barriers in your sinks and basins will help prevent objects from going down the drain.