Best buying guide: Reviewing the common types of TV wall mounts!

Most homeowners prefer to have their televisions mounted on the wall, so that everyone can have uninterrupted vision. Flat-screen panels have only made things easier, because these TVs are super easy to mount and can be placed almost anywhere. There are different categories in TV wall mounts, and what you eventually buy depends on your expectations and requirements. For instance, if you buy a product, such as Primecables TV wall mount, from an online store, you are anyway going to save on the price. In this post, we are reviewing various kinds of TV wall mounts based on pros and cons.

  1. Fixed TV wall mount. Also called low-profile TV wall mounts, these mounts are fixed and keep your television in one static position. Also, such mounts are super easy to install and doesn’t require any additional effort. However, once your TV has been fixed in that particular position, you cannot change the viewing angles. You have to watch TV from the same position or couch in the room.
  2. Tilting TV wall mounts. As the name suggests, such mounts can be tilted. Installing tilting mounts is as easy as it can get, but in this case, you can adjust the screen vertically to adjust the viewing angles. Regardless of whether you are standing, or sitting on the mat, you can create a viewing position that suits you. Compared to fixed mounts, these are a tad more expensive.
  3. Articulating/ full-motion mount. These mounts, as you may have guessed, can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, to adjust viewing angles. These must be installed with care, because there are more components, but you can have complete control on how you view the screen from different parts of the room. The downside of such mounts is the price, which is obviously higher than other options.
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There is also the fourth option of ceiling mounts, where the screen will be suspended from the ceiling. In some homes, there may not be an option to install a TV mount on the wall, and ceiling mounts are just ideal for such needs.

What’s the best choice?

A full-motion mount is probably your best bet, as long as you have figured out a wall to place the TV. If you want the best deals, you can check online stores, which may have diverse kinds of full-motion mounts. Check the range of adjustable features, which may influence the price.