Best 5 WMV Players For Mac

Microsoft has designed one of the most popular file formats which are known as media window files (WMV). This is supported by all the windows OS PC’s but it is not supported by Mac OS. Lots of files are having WMV file format so it is very important for the Mac users to get a reliable WMV player so that they can use it on their Mac OS. Here are some of the WMV players for Mac OS users as they can use any one of them for their usage. If you want to get the best WMV player, then you can click on this link and you will get the best WMV players for

Read the following list carefully and the best WMV player for Mac OS.

Elmedia player

If you want to play WMV files on Mac, then you can use the Elmedia player which is free for the users and it can support all the video formats on Mac. With this media player, you will be able to run any of the files without any worry as Elmedia player can handle many audios and videos of different formats. Users who are using Mac will be able to commend the user-friendly interface of this media player.


DivX is another reliable choice for Mac users as this will help the users to play any WMV file format directly. The graphics user interface of DivX is very good and that’s why this is very much popular and best for the Mac users. The installation process may take some time, but after the completion of the installation process, users will be able to run any video or audio on Mac. Your Mac will able to play the audios and videos smoothly with the help of DivX. Users can go to the customizable settings of the DivX player and there they can complete the setting and after which they will be enjoy streaming services more clearly and easily. If you will install this media player on your Mac, then you will be able to enjoy some of the best kinds of stuff free.

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Plex WMV Player

Here is another perfect media player specially designed for Mac users so that they can enjoy videos and audios hassle-free. A large number of users are using this media player for their Mac device and they are completely satisfied with the performance of this media player.

If we talk about the overall layout and the graphics interface of this media player, they are quite the best for the users of Mac. The advanced version of the Plex WMV player is under processing and it is claimed that it has lots of features. This media player is designed for users who can directly download media from the website.


These are some of the best and acclaimed media players for the users of Mac. If you have not used these media players, then you are suggested to use any of them as soon as possible for perfect work.