Benefits of Passwordless Authentication

Passwords have been at the forefront of online security for decades. However, the constantly evolving technological landscape significantly impacted how cybercriminals manage their schemes to access business data.

Passwords are more vulnerable to cracking, and credential stuffing, wherein an attacker uses credentials acquired from a data breach on one service to log in to their accounts. Fortunately, the emergence of passwordless login authentication can help companies and users secure their information.

What is passwordless authentication?

Passwordless authentication is a means of gaining access to an application or IT system without using a password or answering security questions. Examples of this verification method are as follows:

  • Biometrics
  • Authenticator applications
  • OTP (One-Time Passwords)

Passwordless authentication operates by replacing passwords with more secure authentication mechanisms. Passwordless authentication uses verification factors, such as biometric data or a registered device or token, to identify a user.


One main reason organizations are going passwordless is that it is more challenging for hackers to manipulate. Using identity verification software like Jumio alternatives for passwordless authentication provides many other benefits.

  • Password list and phishing protection

Phishing attacks deceive the victim into disclosing sensitive information, most typically the username and password combination. Alternatively, the attacker can purchase password lists from previously hacked services and expectthat the employee will use the same password for several accounts.

  • Greater user experiences

Secure authentication can be as simple as a fingerprint scan on an individual’s smartphone. Entities will no longer worry about a password being forgotten or misread. Ultimately, it demonstrates a better user experience.

  • Strengthens cybersecurity efforts

Entities can seal system weaknesses by replacing passwords with stronger authentication.

  • Future-ready

Passwordless authentication serves as the gateway towards becoming a trustworthy company. This will make it easier to maintain the integrity of systems and safeguard corporate data and reputation.

  • Lowered support requirements

Users have fewer problems logging in since passwordless authentication eliminates the need to memorize and recall specific phrases or codes. As a result, there is less demand for assistance with password resets and other associated difficulties.

By using passwordless authentication, business owners can provide their customers and workers with more security and convenience. Moreover, the technical foundations of passwordless authentication are protected and resilient. It is becoming an increasingly relevant option for logging in.

Go passwordless today

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