BBQs 2U Presents The Best Grilling Thermometers

Whether it is about hosting a backyard party or making pork chops having an instant grill thermometer can spot-check the meal for readiness. BBQs 2U presents 3 different kinds of BBQ thermometers that form an essential tool and every cook should invest in it. One of the leading independent UK retailers of the UK, BBQs 2U have been selling barbecues since 2002 and therefore, they are extremely passionate about all barbecues. 

They have huge stocks of Kamado Joe, MasterBuilt Series BBQ, Ooni Pizza oven and Napoleon barbecue. Being a small family business, BBQs 2U has been sharing its grilling knowledge with its customers while also assuring the best service and support. They offer a range of barbecues and accessories at the most competitive prices for their customers. Happy and satisfied customers have rated highly for BBQs 2U on Trust Pilot and Trusted Shops.

Their stock of a variety of thermometers ranging from simple models to wireless smart thermometers makes users feel confident about the food they cook. It also ensures that the food is cooked to perfection.

Buyers get 3 products in the thermometer category, Meater Block, Meter Plus, and Napoleon Digital thermometer.

Meater Block Thermometer:

It comes with 4 probes and is developed with the latest technology combined with an insatiable passion for perfect, mouth-watering cooked meat. Its Bluetooth to WiFi range extends to 50m. When on stand-alone mode, it cooks without the use of a smartphone.

Each probe comes with a dual temperature sensor that can monitor the internal heat temperature for cooking meat for up to 100 degrees Centigrade and external temperature for up to 275 degrees Centigrade simultaneously.


The Meater Block Thermometer guides you through each step of the meat cooking process and guarantees perfect and consistent results. Users can set up custom alerts or notifications based on time and/or temperature. 

Meater + Thermometer:

It is the first one of a kind Smart Meat wireless Thermometer. It comes has the Meater App that can work on iPhone and iPad for iOS 10.3 and Android app version 5.0 and later. It helps in cooking the juiciest steak, turkey, chicken, fish, or other meats to perfection for every occasion. It has the same awesome features, but comes with an extended wireless range, which gives more freedom from griller and smoker.

Napoleon Digital Thermometer:

It is a normal digital thermometer that shows the temperature of the cooked food in the griller.

Apart from such essential accessories, BBQs 2U discounts and deal offers cannot be missed. The Kamado Joe bundle UK offers its buyers a 10% discount on buying Kamado Joe Classic II along with JoeTisserie Rotisserie and DoJoe. All three are available for £1,887.30 on which buyers save £59.80. 

While buyers enjoy the benefits of cooking in the ancient, Asian-style Kamado Joe grill, the bundle offer also comes with free Kamado Joe gifts which are worth a huge amount! The cherry on top is the £75 wine voucher!

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