Bath Accessories and Fixtures: Kohler’s Modern Spa Collection

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accessories and fixtures are not just a matter of luxury and are often a necessity. Kohler has introduced a range of functional bathroom accessories that can make the space more visually appealing. The collection from Kohler will complete the opulence of your bathroom and will make the space an oasis of refreshment. The top items in the collection that you can invest your funds in are as follows:

Towel shelves and rings are functional yet decorative elements for your bathroom. You will find them in a variety of styles so that you can pick the ones that match the overall appearance of your bathroom. The towel rings, and rails inside the bathroom are also important for hygiene purposes. 

You will be able to use them for hanging up your wet towels and even clothes. Apart from towel rails and rings, you will also find towel bars from Kohler. 

  • Storage Unit

A storage unit inside the bathroom will ensure that you can keep all your extra bathroom supplies inside it. Whether it’s fresh towels or a box of scented towels, you can keep them all inside the storage units. Kohler offers bathroom storage units in different shapes and sizes so that you can easily find the perfect one for your bathroom. 

  • Soap Dispenser

Make your handwashing experience more enjoyable with a soap dispenser from Kphler. Soap dispensers make washing your hand more economical because they can regulate the amount of soap you use. The French Gold soap dispenser from Kohler is an unusual choice and can give your bathroom a retro feel. A major advantage of the soap dispenser is that it’s easy to clean. 

  • Soap Dish

Bar soap lasts for a long time, but an annoying thing about soap bars is storing them. Most soap dishes and holders don’t serve the purpose of storing a soap bar for a long time. They make the soap soak its own unclear water as long as it does not dry. 

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But the soap never dries up because it’s always sitting in stagnant water. It makes the soap clammy and unusable pretty fast. Thankfully, Kohler offers soap dishes that can prevent the issue of partly dissolved soap. Even when you are storing it beside the sink or the shower, the soap dish will prevent it from dissolving. So buy a soap dish from Kohler to keep your bar soap dry and add some glamor to your bathroom space at the same time.   

  • Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most important bathroom accessories. You shouldn’t be putting them up inside the bathroom only for aesthetic purposes. A mirror on the bathroom wall is extremely crucial when you are shaving or doing your skincare routine.

Kohler offers mirrors in different shapes and sizes, like rectangular and circular ones. You will also find an illuminated Ming mirror from Kohler with a proximity sensor and a defogger. You will be able to use it as a magnifying mirror and adjust its brightness easily. 

Summing up

Whether it’s a towel shelf or mirror, the collection from Kohler can enhance the functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom at the same time. They are easy to maintain and are made from long-lasting materials. Check out the Ko collection today to find the best accessories and fixtures for your bathroom.