7 Ways to Keep Your Ugg Boots from Looking Shabby

Ugg boots may go in and out of fashion through the seasons, but they never really go out of style.

This is especially true when winter arrives, when the need to keep yourself warm surpasses the need to look trendy and fashionable in the frosty cold weather.

If you are looking for your Ugg boots to maintain their classic look and comfort, you will need to carry out the proper maintenance measures for them. Here are some ways that you can do so.

Use Waterproof Spray

Apply waterproof spray to your Ugg boots every day when you need to wear them out. This spray works well when it comes to protecting Uggs from water stains, which in turn keeps your Uggs looking brand new.

Spray the Ugg waterproof spray over your boots until they are a little damp and leave them to dry off in a well-ventilated and cool area for the best effect.

Stuff Boots with Paper Towels

Your Uggs will become softer with time, causing them to crease, bend, and overall lose its definitive shape and charm.

You can keep your Ugg boots in shape by stuffing paper towels, newspapers, or other similar materials into the boots when you are not wearing them.

You can also insert a rolled-up magazine right at the top of the boots so that the upper areas are well-maintained too.

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Use Specialized Cleaner & Conditioner

Ugg has its line of cleaning sprays and other regents to keep them in top form. Clean and restore with the Ugg sheepskin cleaner & conditioner when your boots start showing signs of wear.

Lightly dampen your boots with a sponge and some clean water. Then apply a small amount of cleaner and conditioner onto the boots with your sponge.

Afterwards, scrub the boots gently and remove any residue of soap with another clean, damp sponge. Dry your boots naturally for at least one day in a cool, ventilated space.

Get Rid of Odour

You can always wear socks to avoid odours from developing. If you choose not to, you can use the Ugg deodorizer provided in the Ugg shoe care kit to remove any unpleasant odour from your boots.

Alternatively, try leaving a small amount of baking soda inside each boot overnight. Vacuum the extra baking soda from the boots the day after, and you should notice that your Uggs no longer smell unpleasant.

Keep Away from Heat

You might have noticed that the instructions above often involve leaving your boots to dry in a natural, cooling area.

That is because a direct heat source such as the sun or an electric heater can cause the boots’ colours to fade.

Worse still, the boots’ material may turn dry and brittle over time. Brittle materials will crease, crack, and peel, so it is best to keep them away from the sun.

Clean Indirectly & Gently

It is best to clean with a sponge or a piece of cloth. Always add the cleaning agent onto these cleaning tools first instead of applying them directly on your boots.

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This additional step will keep your cleaning agents from leaving smudges or stains on your boots.

If you are using a brush after your boots are dried, remember to opt for soft-bristled brushes to avoid leaving scratches on the boots’ surfaces.

Try Professional Cleaning Services or Cobblers

If you are not feeling confident about cleaning your Uggs correctly, you can always bring them to a professional cleaner.

These professionals know how to clean stubborn stains and restore your Uggs, so you will continue wearing them for years to come.

However, in cases where your Ugg materials have started to turn brittle and dry, you may have to bring them to a cobbler to patch up the affected areas.