6 Tips for Floor Care and Maintenance

Floor Matting

Every floor will look clean and attractive if we are successful in keeping the dust-out. For that, floor care should start at the door. Floor matting is the best way to keep grit and moisture off the floor. There should be multiple mats, one outside the door, one on the entryway and one inside the room. Keep doormats at every door.

Take Special Protection When Moving Heavy Objects

Never try to move or slide heavy objects across the floor without taking proper protection. Not using any protective measures can result in the floor getting permanent marks, which will reduce its allure. Also, install non-staining floor protectors on the furniture. These floor protectors should be made of non-pigmented, hard plastic and rest flat on the floor.

Close Curtains or Blinds

Extreme sunlight and heat can cause discolouration in most surface flooring. To prevent this use close the curtains and blinds when extreme sunlight hits the floor. This will also prevent dust and pollen from entering the house.

Routine Floor Cleaning

Routine floor cleaning is very important in keeping the floor in perfect condition. You can also refer to online floor cleaning tips for more easy and more effective hacks. Dust mopping should be a daily practice to remove dirt off the floor. Damp mopping is another practice to be followed regularly, this helps to remove the dirt that sticks to the floor. Spills and dirt that might stick to the floor should be cleaned immediately to avoid further problems.

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Buffing or Burnishing

Low-speed buffing and high-speed burnishing are processes which diminish surface scratches, this will give the floor a glow and delay the need for a recoat. Cleaning the floor before these processes begin is important. Burnishing is a more effective process of the two methods. These processes need specific equipment to carry them out. Buying such costly equipment is not a viable solution. Therefore, you can either use rented equipment or can avail the help of a professional cleaning service.

Interim Maintenance

This includes scrubbing and recoating. Buffing and burnishing will give a shine to the floor, but that is not enough to get a new finish look, for that purpose scrub and recoat are required. Floor finishes wear down over time and use, top one or two coats get embedded with dirt, these coats can be easily scrubbed away and this will reveal undamaged lower layers of the floor. Then use a floor finish to recoat the floor. Give the surface two or three coats as per the need. The floor will look as if it is new.

Restorative Floor Care

This is the next step when scrubbing and recoat won’t be enough to give a new fresh look to the floor. This step can be taken when the floor has darkened or yellowed. A strip and finish is the process of removing old layers of wax and dirt from the floor and preparing it to be coated with new layers of finish. This method can revive old floors and make them look new. It is a time-consuming and expensive task, but it protects the floor from future damage.

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