5 Tips For Finding the Best Flower Delivery in Singapore

Flowers are one of my favourite things, so it’s become my tradition to bring my loved ones flowers for special occasions. I’ve brought flowers for birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties, graduation celebrations, and more. Because of this, I have a lot of experience finding the best flower delivery in Singapore that suits my needs and preferences. If you want to give someone flowers for a special occasion, here are five tips you can use to find a high-quality and trustworthy florist.

1. Determine Your Needs

Why are you buying a bouquet? What occasion is it for, and is the florist you’re eyeing capable of arranging a bouquet for it? Some florists have a speciality for specific events, such as wedding flowers. Others have plenty of experience in many events and can cater to any request you may have for them. Regardless, ensure that your florist of choice knows what they’re doing. My favourite florist in Singapore specialises in weddings but can still create arrangements for other occasions.

2. Check The Florist’s Experience

Flower arrangement isn’t just a skill. Instead, it’s a science and an art that requires many years of practice to master. If you order a bouquet from an amateur florist in Singapore, there may be a noticeable need for more quality. My favourite floral shop in Singapore has been in business for years, and they have the qualifications to back them up. If you can, try looking for proof of experience from the florist you’re eyeing.


3. Check The Florist’s Reputation

Flowers are quite a big business, and many people buy flowers and bouquets for each other every day. That’s why going online to check online reviews and testimonies is a great way to start your search towards finding the best florist in Singapore for your needs. I found the floral shop I often visit by looking up recommendations from people online. A florist with a good reputation is an excellent indicator of their skill.

4. View Their Portfolio

The best way to see if you’ll like a florist’s work is if you have a chance to look at them. Many florists have online portfolios where they display their work. The best florist I know in Singapore shows their previous work in a shop catalogue if they sell their bouquets online. You can check these portfolios to see if their style resonates with your wants.

5. Observe their Customer Service

Say you think you’ve decided on a florist, and now you’re speaking with them regarding what you want for the bouquet. During these conversations, try to pay attention to their customer service skills. Getting those flowers may be challenging if they’re mean or dismissive of you from the get-go. The best flower delivery I know in Singapore is pleasant to talk to, which makes the ordering process easy.

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