5 Things To Remember Before Human Remains Repatriation

Organising a funeral for the departed loved one is already stressful in Singapore. Yet, it is even more taxing if the deceased person is overseas and needs to repatriate their human remains to the country. Human remains repatriation can be a complicated task, depending on the circumstances and laws of the two countries involved.

Nevertheless, here are the things you need to remember when repatriating human remains:

1. Decide who will identify the body.

The next-of-kin may travel and identify the remains of the deceased person. After confirming the identity of the body, they can collect the dead person’s belongings. The next-of-kin must provide proof of relationship, such as a marriage certificate, to the Embassy or consulate.

2. Decide whether to repatriate or cremate.

With human remains repatriation, the next-of-kin can decide whether to cremate the body overseas and bring the ashes to the country or transport the remains in Singapore.

3. Prepare the necessary documents.

If the next-of-kin decides to repatriate the body, they must submit all necessary documents. Documents include the death certificate, embalming certificate, sealing certificate, and airway bill, among others of the deceased person.

4. Appoint an approved undertaker

The undertaker also adds to the cost of repatriation. If the deceased person died from infectious diseases, such as HIV and avian flu, the next-of-kin must appoint an approved undertaker. The undertaker must be knowledgeable in handling a person who suffered from an infection. Their knowledge of rules and regulations regarding human remains repatriation is also beneficial.

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5. Consider the religious belief and cultural practices

The next-of-kin must inform the Embassy and the undertaker about the specific religious and cultural practices that must be done prior to or during the repatriation.

What’s more stressful than repatriation costs is the number of tasks you have to fulfil to bring the remains of your loved one home. You accomplish all of these while grieving.

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