5 Essential Features of the Bathroom of Your Dreams


When house-hunting, many have preferences for the number of bedrooms, the size of the backyard, and the kitchen layout. However, few feel strongly about the bathrooms they’re soon to own. Why is that? Frankly, it makes little sense — a good bathroom is a well-used, much-appreciated creature comfort that you and your guests will see on a daily basis. For that reason, perhaps it should be on the top of your dream home checklist. Here are five features you should think about when it comes to the bathroom of your dreams — both permanent traits and decor. 

  1. A Water-Saving Toilet 

You may as well be environmentally friendly as you do your business. Save on your water bill as you save the environment by investing early in a low-flow toilet. Your guests will be impressed by your do-good attitude, and you can rest easy at night knowing your excrement isn’t excavating the earth. 

  1. A Smart Shower 

Admit it… you’ve always wanted a personalized, highly adaptable shower of your very own. Consider investing in smart shower control or even building a steam shower of your very own. Long, languid, luxurious showers aren’t only for the wealthy — more so than ever before, they’re now accessible and sure to make your bathroom experiences incredible. 

  1. Fun Shower Curtains 

They’re the easiest way to brighten up a bathroom and theme its design. You can find shower curtains at any number of retail outlets, but you may also consider independent artists’ designs featured on Society6, which has an incredible diversity of prints. 

  1. Moisture-Loving Potted Plants
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You may not even have to water them, depending on how steamy your bathroom gets. When searching for a great bathroom, you may want to consider its air filtration, sunlight, and size, especially if you have a plethora of plant babies to bring in. 

  1. Stellar Bathroom Storage

If you’re lucky, your new home’s bathroom would come with built-in storage for all your skincare supplies, makeup, towels, soap, and toiletries. If not, though, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of space for over-the-toilet storage, a trolley, or even some shelves that you can put in yourself. 

With these ideas in mind, searching for a great bathroom shouldn’t be too hard while you’re house-hunting. Keep your standards high and, if the houses you’re looking at disappoint, be ready for some fun remodeling. No need to flush all your hard work down the toilet — with a little work, time, and support, you can get the bathroom of your dreams.